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AoA3-Snapshot 9
Release date 24 December 2018
Download Download (Former)
Previous version AoA3-Snapshot 8
Next version AoA3-Snapshot 10

AoA3-Snapshot 9 is the seventh testing snapshot for the 3.0 update. It was released on 24 December 2018,[1] and was re-uploaded on the same day to fix a crash caused by Innervation.[2]

The download link for the snapshot has been taken down. It was formerly downloadable here, and on CurseForge.



  • Added the ability to train the following skills:
    • Anima
    • Butchery
    • Creation
    • Expedition
    • Extraction
    • Foraging
    • Hauling
    • Infusion
    • Innvervation
    • Logging



  • Added grey, gold, and ornate statues for Hydrolisk.


  • Added spawn eggs for all pixons and slab minions.



  • New command: aoastructure
    • Used to spawn in structures from the mod.
    • /aoastructure list can be used to generate a list of structure names in the chat.
    • /aoastructure <Structure> x y z to spawn in a structure.
      • <Structure> is the name of the structure.
      • x,y,z, are the coordinates of the structure.
        • Coordinates must be actual coordinates, ~ does not work.
    • /aoastructure <Structure> here spawns in a structure at the current location of the player.




  • Night time text now displays.



Changes to foraging:

  • Iron ingots are now obtainable from level 35 foraging.
  • Getting an Iromine Realmstone is now weighted less than the other items.
  • Diamonds now require level 65 foraging instead of level 35 foraging.
  • The items that differed depending on the stone mined at level 65 foraging are not present.

Fish normally obtained from a Fish Case are now obtainable through fishing. Xp for hauling is now obtained by fishing instead of from opening crates. Catching the fish, as well as, the fishing boxes, now requires a certain level of hauling.

Item Level requirement Xp given Weight
Raw Fish.png Raw Fish 1 30 100
Fingerfish.png Fingerfish 1 60 100
Pearl Stripefish.png Pearl Stripefish 3 100 100
Limefish.png Limefish 5 130 100
Sailback.png Sailback 9 180 100
Golden Gullfish.png Golden Gullfish 14 250 100
Turquoise Stripefish.png Turquoise Stripefish 18 380 100
Rune Box.png Rune Box 25 1000 50
Violet Skipper.png Violet Skipper 30 600 100
Rocketfish.png Rocketfish 35 840 100
Crimson Stripefish.png Crimson Stripefish 42 1090 100
Fish Case.png Fish Case 50 8000 40
Crimson Skipper.png Crimson Skipper 56 1900 100
Sapphire Strider.png Sapphire Strider 61 2420 100
Candlefish.png Candlefish 65 3010 100
Weapons Case.png Weapons Case 70 15000 30
Dark Hatchetfish.png Dark Hatchetfish 74 5260 100
Ironback.png Ironback 79 7800 100
Treasure Box.png Treasure Box 85 30000 20
Rainbowfish.png Rainbowfish 90 11950 100
Crystal Box.png Crystal Box 94 50000 10
Razorfish.png Razorfish 98 18030 100

Changes to harvesting stones from pixons:

  • The process has been made smoother (i.e. pixons are almost instantly harvested when right clicked).
  • Players in Creative mode can now harvest any pixon regardless of level.


  • Tribute from the overworld now saves when changing dimension and when saving + quitting the game.
  • Dimension buffs received from entering the dimension no longer happen.


  • All dimensions that had floating/cutoff trees no longer have the floating/cutoff trees, for the most part.
Lands of Runandor
  • Now generates more trees.
  • Now generates larger more connected caves.
  • Ores and creep crystals now generate in the dimension.
  • Now generates less giant flowers.
  • Now generates with more plants.

Ancient teleporter[]

  • Now functions in 1.12.2 as of this snapshot.
    • No portal text displays as of this snapshot.
    • Once a portal is lit, can not be changed with another realmstone unless the original portal is broken. This is a confirmed bug.[3]


  • Added functionality for the following utility blocks:
    • Teasink
    • Runic Block
    • Haunting Table
    • Lunar Enrichment Table
    • Strange Block
    • Ancient Altar
    • Mending Table
Deep Case
  • Now drops its loot when broken.
    • However, also drops itself as of this snapshot.
Declogging Table
  • Consumes waterlogged weapons when interacted with, but as of this snapshot does not produce a fixed version of said weapon.
Recreation Station
  • Now displays the following message when interacted with: Roses are red, violets are blue, I know you tried, but no Labricon for you.
Rune Shrine (block)
  • Attempting to train runation without any rune posts will display the following message: A rune won't form without rune posts nearby, but you learn a little from the conversion of energy.
    • The player will get two runation xp but no runes.
    • Wind runes require wind rune posts.
    • Has a new recipe:
Runium Chunk
Runium Chunk
Runium Chunk
Runium Chunk
Carved Rune of Power
Runium Chunk
Runium Chunk
Runium Chunk
Runium Chunk
Rune Shrine
Rune Randomizer
  • Once the player reaches level 20 runation, can be used.
  • Grants five runation xp upon use.
  • Charged runes also work with it.
Carved Rune of Power
  • Has a new recipe:
Unpowered Rune
mcw:Eye of Ender
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Ancient Rock
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Carved Rune of Power
Id changes
Block Old ID New ID
Aqua Life Lamp.png Aqua Life Lamp aoa3:aqua_heat_lamp_off aoa3:aqua_life_lamp_off
Black Life Lamp.png Black Life Lamp aoa3:black_heat_lamp_off aoa3:black_life_lamp_off
Brown Life Lamp.png Brown Life Lamp aoa3:brown_heat_lamp_off aoa3:brown_life_lamp_off
Cyan Life Lamp.png Cyan Life Lamp aoa3:cyan_heat_lamp_off aoa3:cyan_life_lamp_off
Blue Life Lamp.png Blue Life Lamp aoa3:blue_heat_lamp_off aoa3:blue_life_lamp_off
Green Life Lamp.png Green Life Lamp aoa3:green_heat_lamp_off aoa3:green_life_lamp_off
Dark Grey Life Lamp.png Dark Grey Life Lamp aoa3:dark_heat_lamp_off aoa3:dark_life_lamp_off
Red Life Lamp.png Red Life Lamp aoa3:red_heat_lamp_off aoa3:red_life_lamp_off
Golden King BamBamBam Statue.png Gold King Bam Bam Bam Statue aoa3:gold_king_bambambam_statue aoa3:gold_king_bam_bam_bam_statue
Grey Life Lamp.png Grey Life Lamp aoa3:grey_heat_lamp_off aoa3:grey_life_lamp_off
King BamBamBam Statue.png King Bam Bam Bam Statue aoa3:king_bambambam_statue aoa3:king_bam_bam_bam_statue
Lime Life Lamp.png Lime Life Lamp aoa3:lime_heat_lamp_off aoa3:lime_life_lamp_off
Magenta Life Lamp.png Magenta Life Lamp aoa3:magenta_heat_lamp_off aoa3:magenta_life_lamp_off
Orange Life Lamp.png Orange Life Lamp aoa3:orange_heat_lamp_off aoa3:orange_life_lamp_off
Pink Life Lamp.png Pink Life Lamp aoa3:pink_heat_lamp_off aoa3:pink_life_lamp_off
Purple Life Lamp.png Purple Life Lamp aoa3:purple_heat_lamp_off aoa3:purple_life_lamp_off
White Life Lamp.png White Life Lamp aoa3:white_heat_lamp_off aoa3:white_life_lamp_off
Yellow Life Lamp.png Yellow Life Lamp aoa3:yellow_heat_lamp_off aoa3:yellow_life_lamp_off


Minion Slabs
  • Failure message now only displays in survival mode.
    • Failure message is broken.
    • Minions can be spawned in creative regardless of level.
  • All totem items can be used to spawn in their respective lottery idols as of this snapshot.
Haven Shrooms
  • Renamed back to Mystic Shrooms.
Crystal Box
  • The chance to get a specific skill crystal from the crystal box is now weighted - no longer is 25% per crystal.
    • Current % chances are as follows:
      • Small skill crystal: ~67.5%
      • Medium skill crystal: ~22.5%
      • Large skill crystal: ~7.5%
      • Giant skill crystal: ~2.5%


Extraction tools
  • All extraction tools have their level requirements again.



Weapon Changes
Candlefire Sword.png Candlefire Sword Effect changed from triple damage to doing 15 (♥×7.5) damage to flaming enemies.


Artistry armors
  • All artistry armors have their level requirements again.
  • Holding a piece of artistry armor in the player's hand will cause it to drop to the ground/move to another inventory space, just like with the extraction tools.


Lotto Idols
  • The idols spawned in by the lottery totems are now merged into a single id.
    • An idol that drops nothing as its grand prize can be spawned with /summon aoa3:lotto_idol.
  • Pixons will run away from the player for a few seconds after being harvested with a Stone Bowl.
  • Pixons colors are slightly brighter than before.
Slab minions

The following slab minions have the listed changes:

Minion Changes
Ender Carrier.png Ender Carrier No longer attacks mobs.
Gnawer.png Gnawer Can now be fed any fish added by the mod.
Heals health to the player based on the health normally given by the fish fed to it. For example, feeding a gnawer a rainbowfish will restore 10 (♥×5) health to the player. Feeding a gnawer vanilla raw fish or raw salmon restores 2 (♥×1) health, clownfish or pufferfish restores 1 (♥×0.5) health, and cooked fish or cooked salmon restores 6 (♥×3) health.
Feeding a fish to a gnawer will damage it the same amount as the ammount of health healed to the player.
Goofer.png Goofer Damage changed from 30 (♥×15) to 10 (♥×5).
Healing Golem.png Healing Golem No longer attacks mobs.

Texture changes[]

The following items have received new textures:


  • Vein Leaves


  • Coral Stone
  • Voliant Heart
  • All Small Petals
  • Footbone Fragment
  • Haunted Idol
  • Heavy Boulder
  • Nethengic Callstone
  • Primordial Skull
  • Magic Mending Compound
  • Jungle Thorns
  • Metal Slug
  • Troll Idol


  • Skullifact
  • Skullette
  • Skullo Blaster
  • Discharge Rifle
  • Discharge Sniper
  • Apoco Rifle
  • Construct
  • Hiver
  • Squad Gun
  • Spine Gun


  • Fixed Goofy tools sometimes not working as intended. (issue 147)
  • Fixed an Abyss portal generating instead of a Runandor portal when traveling to Runandor. (issue 149)
  • Fixed Creeponia ores not generating underground. (issue 156)
  • Fixed spawning in the portal frame and in the ground below the portal. (issue 167)
  • Fixed event sounds not playing when an event occurs or it becomes nighttime.
  • Fixed Illusion Trees spawning in Runandor.
  • Fixed Greckon and Runandor portal being sideways in Mysterium.
  • Fixed Tyrosaur Statue sound not playing.
  • Fixed Emberstone Ore not generating.
  • Fixed Shyre Clouds generating in Craexxeus Tower.
  • Fixed Pink Coral and Guardian Altar's names being broken.
  • Fixed Craexxeus and Xxeus statue arms not being connected.
  • Fixed a typo with L'Boreal Portal being called 'Boreal Portal'.
  • Fixed Greatblades, Mauls, and Scythes not damaging the Ender Dragon or Player.