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AoA3-Snapshot 8
Release date 9 December 2018
Download Download (Former)
Previous version AoA3-Snapshot 7
Next version AoA3-Snapshot 9

AoA3-Snapshot 8 is the sixth testing snapshot for the 3.0 update. It was released on 9 December 2018.[1] It is the first snapshot for 3.0 that contains dimensions.

The download link for the snapshot has been taken down. It was formerly downloadable here.

IMPORTANT: If the player is updating from a previous snapshot, then the player should delete their aoa3.cfg file before playing this snapshot. Failure to do so will likely cause the game to crash. It is also recommended that the player updates to the latest recommended version of forge for 1.12.2.

Disclaimer: The snapshot is intended to be a testing snapshot; it is by no means a beta.



  • All dimensions as of Tslat 1.1.3 have been added.
    • Dimension generation is mostly complete baring some bugs.
    • Mobs and NPCs are not present. Structures with NPCs in them do not have their NPCs as of this snapshot.
    • All biomes added in Tslat 1.1 minus the shyrelands biome are not present.
    • Weather has been removed except clear.


  • Added all statues and banners as of Tslat 1.1.3.
  • Added grey and golden statues for The Immortals, Baroness, MechBot, and Tyrosaur.
  • Added ornate statues - statues that are colored the same as the boss they correspond to.
    • Not available in the creative inventory. Can be obtained through /give: e.g. /give <player> aoa3:ornate_<bossName>_statue



  • Added Arcworm.
    • Arcworms move at very high speeds and clone themselves on death in the snapshot. It has been confirmed that this is not intended for final release, and is only an easter egg for Snapshot-8.[2]



  • Trees in various dimensions generate more commonly. In some cases, the trees are cut off, leaving floating blocks in the air.
  • Biomes other than the main dimension biome are not present.
  • Structures that are supposed to generate with air do not currentlty generate with air.
  • Dimensions with fragment temples do not generate the fragment temples.
  • Lunalus no longer has a bedrock/water layer.
  • Every planet in lunalus contains an orb inside it.
  • Creeponia has normal caves instead of its own caves. This is a confirmed to be unintentional.[3]
  • There are no ores or creep crystals in the creeponia underground. This is a confirmed bug.[4]
  • Has fewer trees.
  • The primordial village structure in dustopia is now made of darkwash bricks.
  • Precasia has less plants generating on the surface.
The Haven and Celeve
  • The islands of the haven and celeve are bigger than before.
The Shyrelands
  • Atmospheric events are not present.
  • Shyre clouds spawn inside the craexxeus tower.
  • Shyre clouds spawn in place of the npcs in the shyre archer structure, shyrelands lotto structure, and shyre bank.
  • Trees can spawn in archway doors.
Vox Ponds
  • The layer beneath the underground lake is no longer present.
  • The toxic event forcing the player to use hazmat armor/face mask has not been added yet.
Lands of Runandor
  • Illusion trees generate here.
  • Foliage spawns in places other than on the runic grass, such as on the water or on the trees.
  • The sticky water event has not been added yet.
  • The water oceans are no longer one block thick.
  • The player is not crushed by high pressure when under the water.


  • Portals that generate in a dimension (that the player uses to leave the dimension) have some changes:
    • The size of the portal inside the frame was changed from 2x3 to 3x4.
    • Portals will now generate on top of the ground, instead of partially inside it.
    • All portals will now generate a platform under them if they spawn in mid-air or on the edge of a cliff. Portals will also try to not spawn at the edge of a cliff.
  • Exiting a portal now plays a sound.
  • The portal in Creeponia is now made out of Creeponian bricks instead of gravel.
  • When entering Runandor, a portal to the abyss generates instead of a Runandor one. This is a confirmed bug.[5]
  • When entering Immortallis, the player is spawned in a slightly different location than before.
  • Dimension exit portals now link to the dimension they came from. For instance if a Shyrelands portal is placed in the abyss and entered, exiting the shyrelands through the return portal will lead to the abyss.
    • Saving and reloading makes the game "lose" the dimension where it came from. In the above example, saving/reloading in the Shyrelands would result in the exit portal leading to the Overworld instead of back to the Abyss. This is a confirmed bug.[citation needed]
    • Exiting the Ancient Cavern or Immortallis will send the player to the Overworld, no matter which dimension the player was in before entering Ancient Cavern or Immortallis.


Boss statues
  • Now have a new orientation in the inventory.
  • Now have brand new textures.
  • Golden statues are now called Gold statues.
  • Grey and golden Skelepig, Skele-Hopper, Skeleman, and Skele-Elder statues removed.
  • Now have an item texture.
  • Now make a cloth sound when placed.
  • Now are fleshed with the walls that they are placed against.
  • If not placed against a wall, will have a stand to hold it up.
  • Nine gilded banners now make an encrusted banner, nine encrusted banners now make a bejeweled banner.
  • Several banners have texture changes.


Gem Bag
  • No longer drops dungeon tokens.
  • Moved to Advent Food tab.

Texture changes[]


The following blocks have received new textures:

  • Bulb Stock
  • Eye Bulb Plant


The following items have received new textures:

  • Red Rocket
  • Purple Punisher
  • Hive Chunk
  • Strange Stones
  • Diamond Bowl
  • Stone Bowl
  • Eye Bulb
  • Eye Candy
  • All scythes


  • Fixed a bug where the mineralization table would randomly look like a whitewash table when placed.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to spawn a boss on peaceful difficulty displays two messages instead of one.[6]
  • Fixed a bug where the pickmax could be used to mine up boss altars and other unbreakable blocks.[7]
  • Fixed a bug where minion slabs fail message was broken.
  • Fixed a bug where the following spawners are breakable: Reaver, Urioh, Goldum, Skelekyte, Skeledon, Goldus, Shavo, Fenix, Ghatus, Visage, and Urv.