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AoA3-Snapshot 6
Release date 24 September 2018
Download Download (Former)
Previous version AoA3-Snapshot 5
Next version AoA3-Snapshot 7

AoA3-Snapshot 6 is the fourth testing snapshot for the 3.0 update. It was released on 24 September 2018.[1] This snapshot was reuploaded to fix bugs and include various minor changes.[citation needed]

The download link for the snapshot has been taken down. It was formerly downloadable here.


Added a majority of the blocks and normal items as of Tslat 1.1.3. Exceptions include banners and statues.


All planks, as well as their stair, slab, fence, and fence gate variants.

  • Added fences and fence gates for all wood plank variants.
  • Added slabs and new stairs for all wood planks, bricks, and ivory variants.
  • Dimensional Fabric
    • Completely unbreakable by all means, including in creative mode.
    • The player cannot place blocks against it.
    • Not available in the creative inventory.
  • Added the following ore lamps:
    • Elecanium Lamp
    • Varsium Lamp
    • Baronyte Lamp
    • Blazium Lamp
    • Ghastly Lamp
    • Ghoulish Lamp
    • Lyon Lamp


  • Added Form.
    • Decreases shotgun spread.
    • Goes up to level III.
  • Added Greed.
    • Increases ammo consumption for guns/cannons/shotguns/snipers by +1, increases energy cost for blasters by 30%, and increases rune costs for staves by +2 runes of all types. If placed on a throwing weapon, will consume two of the weapon per use. Curse enchantment.

Modding api[]

  • Added getClientSkill() and getClientSkillXp() methods.




  • All lamps in the snapshot require a redstone power source to be connected to it in order to light up.
  • All life lamps have been renamed to <Color> Life Lamp.

Mob spawners[]

  • Can be changed using spawn eggs.
  • All mob spawners in the mod currently default to spawning orblings.



  • IDs for all ingots and minerals in the mod have been split up into their own ids, no longer using metadata.
    • IDs for these are aoa3:type_ingot with type being the name of the ingot (e.g.: sapphire) in lowercase.
    • Runium chunk's and charged runium chunk's ids are aoa3:runium_chunk and aoa3:charged_runium_chunk respectively.



Pickaxe Changes
Gemcracker.png Gemcracker Now mines ores quickly, while mines all other blocks slowly.
Pickmax.png Pickmax No longer makes all dropped items the same as the one mined.



Sword Changes
Baron Sword.png Baron Sword Has a new texture
Emberstone Sword.png Emberstone Sword Damage changed from 14 (♥×7) to 11 (♥×5.5)
Sapphire Sword.png Sapphire Sword Damage changed from 10 (♥×5) to 12 (♥×6)
Shadow Sword.png Shadow Sword Damage changed from 22 (♥×11) to 20 (♥×10)


Bow Changes
Void Bow.png Void Bow Damage changed from 21 (♥×10.5) to 15 (♥×7.5) per shot


Sniper Changes
Camo Rifle.png Camo Rifle Damage changed from 60 (♥×30) to 30 (♥×15) per shot
Dual Sight.png Dual Sight Damage changed from 60 (♥×30) to 49 (♥×24.5) per shot


Blaster Changes
Illusion Revolver.png Illusion Revolver Has a new texture
Illusion SMG.png Illusion SMG Has a new texture


  • Archmage now goes up to a max of level II.


Fixes from the first version of the snapshot
  • Fixed dimensional fabric being destroyable by an explosion.
  • Fixed the creation forge having some of infusion table's texture.
  • Fixed the following name issues:
    • Fixed deeplands rock being called deeplands stone.
    • Fixed crystevian rock being called crystevian stone.
    • Fixed all life lamps being called heat lamps.