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AoA3-Snapshot 10
Release date 12 January 2019
Download Download (Former)
Previous version AoA3-Snapshot 9
Next version 3.0

AoA3-Snapshot 10 is the eighth testing snapshot for the 3.0 update. It was released on 12 January 2019. This snapshot was the last snapshot before update 3.0[1][2].

The download link for the snapshot has been taken down. It was formerly downloadable here, and on CurseForge.



Added the ability to train the following skills:

  • Augury
  • Hunter


Added almost every mob in the Overworld except Anemia, Stinger, Modulo, Nightfly and Pincher.





Now the red and green swords symbol on the top of hunter mobs are now split up into 2 symbols:

  • 2 Green Swords means you have the correct level.
  • 2 Red Swords means you don't have the right level.

Resource systems[]


  • The text color of events has been changed.
  • Events are now seed-based. This means that an event will occur on the same day always in a particular seed, similar to how weather works in vanilla Minecraft.
Full Moon Event
  • Now has starting text: The ground bathes in the pearly light of the moon..
  • Now has ending text: The moon falls behind the horizon..


  • Now generates less coral.


  • Now generates foliage again.

Ancient teleporter[]

  • Now displays text when activated.
  • Now plays the portal sound when activated with a realmstone while being built correctly.
  • Portal can now be changed without breaking the previous one.


The new design for the guardian's tower (spawned in the overworld using commands).

Guardian's tower
  • The guardian's tower structure has received an overhaul:
    • Completely new structure.
    • Inside of structure contains multiple levels that can traversed by staircases going up and down.
      • Entrance is at the bottom.
    • Spawners for Volar, Seeker, Surveyor, and Automaton exist on several floors of the tower.
    • A room with some chests exists as well.
      • The chests are empty.
    • A ladder on the top level takes the player up to the roof, where a guardian altar can be found.


Declogging Table
  • Now places a sound when used.
  • Now gives the non-waterlogged version of the waterlogged weapon when used on it.
Deep Case
  • No longer drops itself when mined.
Iro Crate
  • Now drops its loot when mined.
Life lamps
  • Now drops emberstone ingots when mined with a tool that doesn't have Silk Touch, instead of iron ingots.
Mending Table
  • Now plays a sound when used.
  • Shoe flingers made from the mending table now function properly.
  • Jade ore, rosite ore, and sapphire ore now require a diamond pickaxe in order to be mined again.
  • Now makes glass sounds when broken.


Troll Idol
  • Now spawns the boss Smash when used in the overworld.
  • Now has a chat message for when the player attempts to spawn Smash in any other dimension.


Erebon Scythe
  • Now applies wither when the target is on fire. (Currently doesn't work properly).
Fungal Staff
  • Now has its traction ability again.


Primordial Armor
  • Full set bonus was changed to give full immunity to the wither effect.


  • Big mobs have gotten smaller. This is unintentional.[3]
  • More mobs have pathfinding.
  • All mobs now target minions by default.
  • All mobs have a sight range of 52 blocks.
  • King Charger deals 9 (♥×4.5) damage now instead of 15 (♥×7.5) damage.
Mob drops
  • Some mob drops are now affected by the looting enchantment.
  • Some mob drops now will only drop if a player defeats said mob. Other drops are unaffected.
  • Ranged mobs do not drop anything in this snapshot.
Hunter mobs
  • All hunter mobs no longer display a chat message when attacked.
Mob classifications

Some mobs are now classified as undead or arthopod.

The following mobs are classed as undead, meaning that they are affected by the Smite enchantment, are healed by harming potions, and harmed by healing potions:

The following mobs are classed as arthopod, meaning that they are affected by the Bane of Arthopods enchantment:


  • Using ~ in place of coordinates now functions like in other commands.
  • Structure list generated with /aoastructure list is now split into separate pages.
    • These pages can be accessed by attaching the page number to the end of the command: /aoastructure list <Number>

Texture changes[]

  • Weapon Parts
  • Gun Immunity, Explosion Immunity and Potion Immunity mob attributes


  • Fixed Augury not leveling up.
  • Fixed Pixons and Bloodlust ignoring the /kill command. (Issue 207)
  • Fixed a slight misalignment in partially-filled resource bars. (Issue 208)
  • Fixed Deep Case dropping itself when mined. (Issue 197)
  • Fixed a duplication glitch involving placing Extraction tools or Artistry armor in the offhand. (Issue 196).
  • Fixed Cascading Gen in the dimensions.