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Health 200 (♥×100)
Damage 13 (♥×6.5)
XP Xp Orb.png ?
Version added 1.1


The Alluricorn is a melee minion that is summoned by using a Alluricorn Slab. It costs 180 Creation. It gives the player a speed IV boost for 7 seconds when given Kinetic Runes. The player needs to be level 81 or higher in Creation to summon this minion.

Bestiary Entry[]

A unicorn-like creature created by infusion creation power into a blank minion slab, the Alluricorn uses its natural speed and strong head to attack anything that threatens its owner.

Its imbued creation energy also reacts handily with kinetic runes, giving the owner a brief speed boost when in contact with them.