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Welcome to the official Advent of Ascension Wiki, a community project dedicated to providing information on the Advent of Ascension mod. The wiki currently has 2,267 articles and 6,365 files and is maintained by 8 active contributors from the community; everyone is encouraged to contribute.

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Latest version: 3.5.4 for Minecraft 1.16.5

Alpha for next version: 3.6-Alpha-2 (Download)

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To install Advent of Ascension, the user has to have downloaded Forge first. Forge can be downloaded here. Once the user has properly installed forge, one can download the mod here. Once one downloads the mod jar file, they must move it to their mods folder in their Minecraft directory. If a mods folder does not exist, the user can simply create one.

Advent of Ascension is only available for Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows, Mac, and Linux, for Minecraft versions 1.16.5, 1.15.2, 1.12.2, 1.7.10, and 1.7.2. Advent of Ascension cannot be installed to any other version of Minecraft: Java Edition or any other edition of Minecraft. Advent of Ascension can also only be installed with Forge; it cannot be installed with Fabric or any other similar mod loader.

About Advent of Ascension

Advent of Ascension (also called Nevermine; abbreviated as AoA) is a large action and adventure mod for Minecraft. The mod was created by Xolova, and is currently being developed by Tslat, with Ursun and NeoVolt as artists, and Firch as a sound artist.

Advent of Ascension is a mod with a large amount of content. Gameplay in the mod includes exploring 21 dimensions, each with its own generation, structures, mobs, blocks, and items. While traveling through the dimensions, the player can mine ores, locate structures, and battle entities with various abilities.

The player can gear up in one of the mod's many armor sets, most having a special ability granted to the player when worn. One may also choose between a large selection of weapons, ranging from melee weapons like swords, to ranged weapons, such as bows, guns, and staves. With the new gear in-hand, the player can potentially battle one of the mod's 29 bosses.

Along the way, the player can also train various skills, which can grant the player access to new areas of the game, and give the player access to new items or resources.

For more information, check out the official CurseForge page, the Discord server, or the Github page.
News and Updates
3.5 was released on 6 June 2021

A new major update was released on 6 June 2021, which ports the mod to the 1.16.5 version of Minecraft.

Aside from porting the mod to 1.16.5, the update also features large changes to in-game content:

  • Many dimensions have their generation and concepts redone.
    • L'Borean was changed to be entirely underwater, with some of its mobs remodeled to work as swimming aquatic creatures.
    • Lunalus was changed to being made of many stone rock asteroids. There are also special decorative asteroids made of ice, nether materials, and more.
    • Mysterium had its elevation increased and a massive cave system was added. Most of the dimension's activity was moved underground.
  • Large-scale removals, moves, and sweeping changes:
    • Removal of a significant number of mobs (particularly in the Overworld) and moving several other mobs to other dimensions.
    • Removal of events.
    • All hostile mobs being changed to grant Hunter experience up until Hunter level 15.
  • Some other changes done in 3.5:
    • The removal of Ancient Cavern and Immortallis.
    • Many structures were redesigned.
    • Tokens were removed.

Click here for more information about 3.5.

Previous posts about news and updates can be found in the News and Update Archive


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Mod Additions
Information on blocks that are used in world generation or for decoration.
Items that deal damage in various ways.
Items that allow you to harvest different sorts of materials.
Items that provide defensive stats and bonus status effects when worn.
Items used for crafting, trading and more.
Valuable enchantments players can put on their gear.
Items that grant various effects when placed on the ground.
Ancient Teleportation
Information on how to create and light a portal to different dimensions.
Resource Systems
Different resources used to aid the player.
Skills the player can train, which grant various rewards.
XP Table
A table demonstrating the total and required experience for leveling up skills.
  • Commands that the player can type in the chat to achieve things.
Per-world settings that can change certain aspects of the mod.
Information on the mod's configuration file.
Third-Party Mod Integration
Information on how the mod directly interacts with certain other mods.
Haven Realmstone.png
The mod adds 21 dimensions to Minecraft. The dimensions vary in their terrain, mobs and generated structures.
The mod adds over 200 different mobs into the game. The mobs have varying health and abilities.

The mod adds a total of 29 bosses for the player to battle.

Summoned creatures that can help you in battle.

Creatures and humans that trade with players for items.
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