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Advent of Ascension Wiki

The following rules must be followed in order to edit on this wiki. Failure to follow the rules may result in a block as detailed in the below two sections.


  1. Do not do anything that violates the Terms of Service of Fandom/Gamepedia.
  2. It is forbidden to add any of the following to the wiki for any reason. Adding any of the following will have the edit be reverted:
    1. Spam, vandalism, or anything that defaces the wiki.
    2. Advertising for anything, including fanmade content.
      1. This particular one may be allowed on user pages with permission.
    3. Anything that is copyrighted/trademarked or is protected from being added by law.
    4. Personal information - of anybody. Personal information is defined as anything that can be used to identify someone in real life, or is connected to a person in some way.
  3. You are forbidden from threatening other users with a (or many) consequence(s) for an/many action(s), insulting or making fun of other users, being inappropriate with other users, or attacking another user. This applies to everywhere on the wiki (meaning literally everywhere).
  4. The wiki is not a file-hosting service. Any file that is uploaded to the wiki that is off-topic (meaning not related to the wiki's subject at all) or is a file that breaks a rule will be deleted unless specific permission is given to keep the file.
  5. If you are blocked, you may not bypass the block and continue editing. Finding a way to edit when the block is still active will result in you being blocked again. If you created an account to continue editing, then the account will be blocked indefinitely.

When blocks will be distributed

If you violate any of the rules in the #Rules section, you may become eligible for a block. You will become eligible if you have more than one rule violation for any number of combination of rules (this is called an "offense", one offense = one edit, so if you make multiple bad edits, then each one is an additional offense). Whether you become blocked or not depends on the following:

  1. If you are editing the wiki without an account, and your account-less edit breaks a rule, then you will be blocked after at least 1 repeated offense. Some kind of effort will be made to explain why you were blocked (e.g.: block summary, a link to the talk page, etc). An exception to this rule is if we can prove that you are actually the same person as someone with an account who has broken rules, in that case the below paragraph will be used to handle blocks instead.
  2. If you are editing the wiki with an account, we will first get into touch with you to warn you for your behavior after the first or second offense; if you fail to heed the warning then a block will be given after the next offense.

The length of the block will vary depending on the severity of the rule breaking, as well as if you have been blocked before for the same offense(s). If you have been blocked before and continue to break rules after being unblocked, then the next block will be even more servere than the last. People without accounts will be blocked for a maximum of 2 weeks, while people with accounts will be blocked for a maximum of indefinite duration.