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This is a to-do list of things that need to be done on the wiki. Once you complete a task, please remove it from the list (or if you can't, post on the talk page that you've completed said task).

You can also add things that need to be done to this list (or if you can't, request it be added on the talk page).

High priority issues[]

  • Dimension pages need updated. The following need updating on the dimension pages (note: some dimensions have some work done, but not all of them):
    • Some dimensions have other minor changes.
    • All dimensions need to have a general dimension properties table and a special dimension properties section. An example of one of these is on The Abyss page.
  • Split the following pages:
    • The Primordial Five should have split pages for Kajaros, Miskel, Harkos, Raxxan and Okazor.
    • Skeletal Army should have a separate page made for Skeletron, the skele-elder, and at least one page for skelepig, skele-hopper, and skeleman (the latter three will be merged pages of the normal, strong, and elite variants).
  1. Create redirects for content on the Third-Party Mod Integration subpages. Examples include Tinker's Construct materials/modifiers, etc.
    1. Pages have been split, just need reviewing. Once you've looked over them and verified they are accurate then you can remove this notice.

Low priority issues[]

  1. Figure out what to do with some of the structure names - many of them are conjectural/unofficial. This needs to be fixed. See this Discord comment by Scimiguy for an "official" list of structure names.
    1. The official structure names goes into effect upon 3.0's release.
  2. Split the lamp article up - all lamps should have a separate article. After split is complete, the former lamp article can redirect to blocks.
  3. Improving the category tree; some pages and many files remain un-categorized
  4. Making sizes of dimension pictures more consistent (maybe 500x280)
    1. Partially done - look into some of the images to see whats left.
  5. Cleanup duplicate files listed on Special:ListDuplicatedFiles. If both versions of a file are being used on pages, change the filelinks to all use the filename that matches the in-game name or the article title (e.g. "Skeletal Sword.png" instead of "SwordSkeletal.png").
    1. If possible, make the same changes on the Chinese wiki as well.
  6. Deleting crafting recipe pictures that have already been replaced by the Crafting template (pictures of tool/weapon recipes made with ingots, armor set recipes, etc.)
  7. Deleting "strategy sections" on existing pages and eventually creating separate pages for them. (mainly for Bosses and Dimensions?)
  8. Add a History section to the Runation and Infusion pages.
  9. Add more to the history sections on the Foraging and Logging pages.
  10. All pages that use the old infoboxes need to be converted to the new ones. Note that a name change only isn't acceptable, you have to go through and change the parameters as well (if they need changing). Most of these have been finished already but there's still some left:
    1. Template:WeaponInfoBox -> Template:ItemInfo
      1. Note: if a block page is using Template:WeaponInfoBox, it should be converted to Template:BlockInfo instead.
    2. Template:BlockInfoBox or Template:BlockBox -> Template:BlockInfo
  11. Finish adding all items to Template:Items. Also, reformat the template's code so that it is cleaner.
  12. Add history sections to pages that have been affected by recent updates. Relevant info on the version articles can be found by adding incategory:"Versions" to the search query.
  13. Add armour tier categories to the bottom of all individual armour pages. For example, add Category:Tier 1 Armour to the bottom of a page that is about an armour set obtained in a tier 1 dimension.
  14. On 3.0/Id changes, finish adding in all of the 1.7.10 ids for blocks and items.
    1. The page is also missing a lot of items added in later snapshots, such as realmstones, upgrade kits, etc.
    2. The items section can be split up to make it easier to navigate through.
  15. AoA3-Snapshot 9 page:
    1. Logging and extraction loot changes.
    2. World gen changes.
  16. The 3.0 page needs finished. What's left:
    1. Some mobs have received some changes.
      1. Drop changes and ai changes are most prevalent.
  17. Finish the 3.3 page.
  18. On the Items and Blocks page, alphabetize the sections that are not already in alphabetical order.
  19. Create Projectiles, a mega page for all of the mod's projectiles. Detail the projectiles with an image, their name, their id, and other properties (such as being affected by gravity, etc).

"Feature" page cleanups[]

  1. The "features" pages such as Unused features, and Removed features could use some cleanup. Particularly:
    1. Some of the things on the unused features page are or may actually be removed features.
    2. Some of the mentioned features are confirmed unused features.
    3. Some of the pages could look nicer.

Low priority texture updates[]

None at the moment


  1. Chinese translation - Wiki project of Chinese translation.

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