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The following page will explain how to contribute to the wiki.

Why edit the wiki?[edit source]

Have you ever run into a wiki page that had outdated or incorrect information, or just was not consistent with what was in-game? Have you ever wonder why it often takes a while before a page can get updated with correct information?

The Advent of Ascension Wiki is a community-run volunteer project - it is mainly edited by people for fun who are not getting paid to edit. However, a big problem with that the wiki faces is the lack of editors - as of 25 May 2020, the wiki usually only has 1-2 people actively editing something at any given time. Advent of Ascension being a rather large mod, this makes it difficult for the wiki to stay completely up-to-date in a timely manner, as there just aren't enough editors to make the large quantity of edits needed to completely update the wiki.

This is where your help can come in: the more people the wiki has updating stuff, the better. Note that you do not necessarily need to become a consistent editor - something as small as making only one or two edits is fine, and is greatly appreciated.

The greatest benefit to helping update the wiki is the end product - an up-to-date wiki for all to enjoy. You can freely edit the wiki if you don't have an account, but account creation is recommended, as it will hide your IP address from most people and allow other benefits such as being able to upload images. If you have an account on this wiki and are a part of the Discord server, editing the wiki enough can get you the Active Wiki Editor role as a reward, which will give you access to the active wiki members channel on the Discord. Actively editing may also reward you with the cosmetic Halo in-game when you play with the mod (note: you'll need to give Scimiguy your Minecraft username in order to get this).

Basic information[edit source]

Do I need an account?[edit source]

You do not need an account to do basic editing, but creating an account is encouraged, especially if you plan on sticking around for a while. Having an account offers the following benefits:

  • You will be able to upload pictures, sounds, etc.
  • You will gain the ability to edit certain pages that people without accounts cannot edit. Note that some pages still can't be edited unless you're an admin, while other pages can be edited without needing an account.
  • You will be able to be more easily recognized by the community.

What kind of stuff needs editing?[edit source]

If you find outdated information on a page, you are encouraged to fix it if you can. Note that some information might require that you know how to read the mod's source code in order to document it. While there's no quantifiable way to know which pages need updating still, here is a general idea:

  • Dimension pages need lots of updating:
    • Their "Other resources" sections need updated.
    • Might need to update prerequisite dimension and realmstone obtaining.
  • Mob pages need updating.
    • Adding new drops can be challenging, so if you see incorrect drops, but don't know how to add new ones, removing them is fine. Note that some drops on mob pages use old formats for displaying drops - meaning replacing the old drops with new drops in the old format is not what we are going for.
  • Structure pages need creating! Lots of structures don't have pages - and if you can make one that would be great! You can use the Guardian Tower page as an example page for a structure. A list of structures needing pages can be found here (unless you're on mobile, in that case it doesn't work). Any structure with a red hyperlink needs a page created.
  • You can check out the to-do list for more things to do. Note that these aren't the only things needing done.

Note that as you edit, make sure:

  • The information you are adding reflects the latest version of the mod. Information about any other version of the mod, whether that be for 1.12.2 or 1.7.10, should not be added to pages outside of history sections. If a feature was removed from the mod, it should go on Removed features and be mentioned nowhere else. If you are unsure about if you are using the latest version, click here to go to the page of the latest version (or check the version number on the main page) and compare it to your version (your version number can be found in the .jar's name, or in the Advent GUI).
  • Absolutely no adding fan made content to the wiki. Only official content should be added.
  • Please use proper grammar and spelling (note that if you make a mistake, its no big deal, but trying your best is encouraged). Absolutely no vandalism, spam, emojis (unless its officially a part of the mod), or leet speak in pages.

The wiki also has the wiki rules and editing guide which you may want to look over.

AoAWikiHelper Mod[edit source]

The wiki utilizes a lot of tables and templates, and it can be tedious to manually create all of them. However, Scimiguy (the mod developer) has created the AoAWikiHelper mod to make this easier. You can download it from its Github page.

The AoAWikiHelper mod can be installed like any other mod, and adds a bunch of commands, including one that automatically generates the markup for displaying mob drops. A full list of commands can be found on the Github page.

How to edit a page[edit source]

Editing a page can be done by clicking either the Edit or Edit source buttons in the top right corner of the page, next to the search bar. Clicking Edit will take you the Visual Editor, while Edit source will take you to the source editor. If a page does not have either of these buttons, but instead has a button called View source, that means that the page is protected from editing. In some cases, you can gain the ability to edit it by logging into an account, though some pages (such as the main page) are locked to editing by admins only (note: see below for editing the main page).

Visual editor vs source editor[edit source]

The source editor allows you to use code-like terms, etc when editing pages. This might be scary for some people so for those of you that find all the fancy code terms confusing, you can use the visual editor.

Note that the visual editor can only be used to edit some types of pages. You can use the visual editor to edit normal (mainspace) pages, but pages such as talk pages will require that you use the source editor. However, if you only plan on making edits to normal pages, then this does not matter too much.

Submitting your edit[edit source]

When you are done making your edit, click on the blue Save changes button. If you want, you can preview your changes before saving to make sure there are no mistakes.

Important things to know for this wiki[edit source]

Here are some important tips for editing the Advent of Ascension Wiki in particular:

  • You can find a to-do list of things that need done on the wiki here. Note that there is more stuff that needs done then just the stuff on this list. If you do something that is on the list, it would be great if you could take it off the list (you can also add stuff to the list that needs doing).
  • If you'd like to make an edit to the main page, edit Advent of Ascension Wiki/editcopy instead. When an admin gets around to it, they'll review the edits you've made then apply them to the main page.
    • IMPORTANT: if all you want to do is update the version number for the latest version, you can do so by editing Template:LatestVersion. Note that the source editor is required to edit the template.

Need help editing?[edit source]

If you need more help editing the wiki, you can ask on the mod's Discord, or on a talk page (accessed by clicking the Talk button in the top right corner of a page, note that it requires using the source editor).