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The following editing guide lists rules in effect for all Advent Of Ascension Wiki articles to follow.

Advent of Ascension is a complex mod, and therefore it is important that all articles are clear and concise, so that new readers will immediately be able to understand the information being read.

If you wish to request changes to this style guide, please request them on the talk page.


This wiki is an official-only wiki. Only content that is official (not fanmade) relating to Advent of Ascension may be documented. The following content is considered "official":

  • any content inside the game. "Inside the game" is defined as anything accessible inside Minecraft after hitting the Play button in the launcher and before closing the game application (this is just semantics, you should know what "inside the game" means). Only content changed or added by Advent of Ascension when it is installed should be documented.
  • any content associated with the jar file of any officially released Advent of Ascension version. Beware when dealing with outdated content, see #Outdated info section below.
  • any teasers or statements made by one of the trusted users listed in the #Trusted users section, on any of the platforms in the #Official platforms section.
  • anything else declared as "official" by the developer. Must include a source saying it is official.

Content that disobeys the above rules will not be allowed. Examples:

  • fanmade content, such as artwork, addons, etc. that were made by someone other than the developers.
  • documenting other mods content on this wiki, or documenting vanilla Minecraft content. The following exceptions apply:
    • documenting any example of Advent of Ascension adding integration to other mods. The integration must be added on Advent of Ascension's side, not the other way around.
    • redirects to Minecraft Wiki or another mod wiki when relevant.
    • a major game breaking bug exists between Advent of Ascension and another mod.

Outdated info

This wiki only documents information for the latest version of the mod on the latest Minecraft version. Do not document any information that is not for the latest Advent of Ascension version for the latest Minecraft version. If there are multiple latest versions, then this will be handled on a case by case basis. The only exception to this rule is documenting removed content on the Removed features page, unused content on the Unused features page, scrapped content on the Scrapped features page, and any instances of third-party mod integration where Advent of Ascension has been updated to a future Minecraft version, but the integration has not been ported forward.

Creating an article

What is allowed as an article

All articles in the main namespace must obey the #Officiality criteria. Articles for fanmade content are forbidden and must be kept in the userspace. Hoax, vandalism, and spam pages will be deleted. Do not create pages to ask questions.

Specific cases

Specific rules that apply to specific cases:

  • This wiki used to have guide articles in the past, but these are no longer allowed. Articles that serve as guides must be limited to the userspace.
  • Articles in non-English languages may be allowed in specific cases. See the #Language guidelines for the rules for creating non-English articles.
  • Do not create articles for scrapped content or unused content, except for redirects which point to the intended sections on Scrapped features or Unused features respectively.
  • Articles for already removed content should be made a subpage of Removed features (e.g.: Removed features/Alchemy Armor).
  • Upcoming or planned content can only get an article made for it if and only if that content has appeared in a public build of any kind (e.g.: official release, alpha, etc). Content that appears exclusively in private builds can not get their own pages.
  • Version pages can be made only for public builds. Private builds should not receive their own pages.
  • Documenting any instance of Advent of Ascension adding integration with other mods must be done as a subpage of Third-Party Mod Integration. E.g.: Third-Party Mod Integration/Craft Tweaker.

How to name an article

The name of the article should be the name that best represents the article/its content. For articles that document in-game content that the player can experience while playing, the name of the content in-game should be used as the article's name, with the exact same spelling and letter casing. The following table shows which name to use for each piece of content:

Content Name
Block or Item Name as appears on the tooltip
Entity The name of the mob in game. Can be seen in the spawn egg, or in the en_US.json file.
Structure Take the name of the structure in its id, remove the aoa3: prefix and replace underscores with spaces, then capitalize the first letter of each word. Example: aoa3:guardian_tower becomes Guardian Tower. The id in this case is the same id as seen in the /locate command.
Enchantment The name of the enchantment as seen in the tooltip when applied to an item, minus the numerical level of the enchantment.
Dimension Name of the dimension as seen in the tooltip of the Blank Realmstone's Realmstone GUI.
Command, subcommand, or gamerule Name of the command or subcommand as you would type it in the chat, minus the /.
Advancement Name of the advancement as seen in the tooltip.
Configuration Name of the config option as seen in the respective config.
Skills Name of the Skill seen above its icon in the Advent GUI.
Resource Systems

An example:

  • The article titled "Stone Bowl" - this is accepted as an article name, because the item in-game is called "Stone Bowl" on its tooltip, however, "Stone bowl" is not accepted as an article name, because the stone bowl item in-game is has the letter b capitalized.


If something's name in-game has a misspelling, the misspelled name is to be used as the article name. Some people may think that its obvious that the developer meant a different spelling when they see this, and create the article with the corrected spelling. One cannot do this, however, because it is speculation (the only exception is if the developer comes out and says that the misspelling is wrong and confirms a different spelling - then the article can be named with the correct spelling, as long as a source is present).

Multiple names

If a piece of content goes by multiple names, then the name in the above table is to be used, unless #Conflicting names becomes an issue. These will be handled on a case by case basis.

Conflicting names

If multiple pieces of content share the same name, then neither of the pages get that particular name. Instead, each page gets the type of content it is added to the end of its name in all lowercase and in parenthesis. The page title without parenthesis then becomes a disambiguation page. For example, Hunter (skill) and Hunter (mob). The page at the title Hunter will then become a disambiguation page.

If a piece of content shares a name with a removed feature, then that page should get the non-parenthesis title like normal. If multiple removed features share the same name, then the parenthesis rules apply between the removed features subpages only.

Naming issues that aren't resolved by these criteria will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Conjectural names

If an official name as listed out above is not available, a made-up name can be used. The made-up name must make sense with the content at hand, and will be decided on by the community. Conjectural names are to be written in sentence case if they consist of more than one word.

Nonworking titles

If Fandom is not able to allow the required title as the article title, an alternate title can be used. The alternate title should match the original title as closely as possible. Example: its not possible to make aoa (command) into a title of a page because Fandom will not accept pages that start with lowercase. In this case, leaving the title the same but with an uppercase A in Aoa will work fine.

Nonworking titles will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Weird titles

The title looking ugly or weird is not an excuse to disobey the above listed criteria. The page for Spawn Fluffer should be called You didn't see anything... in the absence of a valid reason to change it.


If an article refers to multiple pieces of content, the article title should be a collective name for the relevant content. If in-game has a category name for the group of content, that should be used whenever possible. If this does not exist, but the content is a group of X, then the name X can be used (e.g.: Trophy contains all trophy types).

If for some reason a proper category name cannot be found, the situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Non-English languages

See #Language guidelines.


A redirect serves as a way to point people to the correct article that may have multiple names associated with it. All redirects on the wiki are to be relevant to the pages they point to. When creating a redirect, it must abide to the rules for creating an article title as laid out above. Redirects in other languages besides English, pointing to a language page, are not preferred. Redirects that are profane/obscene are not allowed under any circumstances.

Redirects that contain different capitalization are allowed - for example: Mending table.

Formatting and Writing


All headers should be written in sentence-case, where every other word following the first word starts with a lowercase letter (e.g.: This is sentence case), only exception is when writing the name of something or a proper noun in the header.

When writing for a header, it is preferable if there is a space between the = signs and the words making up the header. For example:

this is preferred: == Text ==

but this is not: ==Text==

Page formatting

See Advent of Ascension Wiki:Page formatting guidelines

All pages based around a similar subject (e.g.: all block pages, item pages, etc) must follow the same structure/formatting for consistency. See the page formatting guidelines for specific information on what those are.


When writing the name of any content in the mod, write the name as the same as you were writing an article title. For example, this sentence is preferred:

Not this:


Trivia sections are for information that does not fit into the article anywhere. Trivia sections are to only be added if the information to be put there is not place able anywhere else in the article. If one wants to add what a particular article's content is based off of, a source must be provided with it. If a source is not provided, the information will be removed without notice. Note that the sources have to come from a mod developer, just because a particular article's content resembles something else does not make it a source.

Personal pronouns

Avoid the usage of personal pronouns (I, you, we, etc). When writing an article, try to refer to the player as 'the player' as much as possible.

Short forms and alternative names

If something has multiple names and/or shortforms, then a single name and/or shortform should be chosen to describe it consistently, preferably a name that is most commonly used, if possible. The following short forms and alternative names are to be used on this wiki:

  • Advent of Ascension has and had many names. For wiki purposes, all wiki articles should refer to the mod as Advent of Ascension, AoA or "the mod". Do not write Nevermine, Nevermine 2: Advent of Ascension, or any other name unless the context requires it.
  • Experience should be referred to as either "Experience" or "XP".
  • If the word '"Level" is to be shortformed, it should be written as "Lvl".

Special names

Advent of Ascension and Minecraft, and the names of any other Minecraft mod should be written in italics. The abbreviation AoA does not need to be in italics.

Other mods

The mention of other mods in mainspace articles (e.g.: suggesting to use a modded feature in a situation, comparing something to another mod, etc) is not allowed. All information documenting any integration that Advent of Ascension adds to another mod must be relegated to a subpage of Third-Party Mod Integration only. The only exception is if a mod conflicts with another/produces a fatal crash (e.g.: Battlegear crashing with Quickpockets). Note that the #Outdated info rule still applies.

Other things to avoid

The following should be avoided when writing an article:

  • Do not put smiley faces/emojis in articles.
  • Do not use exclamation or question marks unless the in-game feature uses it.
  • Avoid referring to something as "early-game","mid-game","late-game", or "end-game". These terms are ambiguous, and mean different things to different people.


See Advent of Ascension Wiki:Media policy

Refer to the media policy for information on how to handle uploading media to the wiki.

Language guidelines

If you would like to create a foreign language translation on the English wiki, then all non-English language pages must have the same name as their English title (in English), with the appropriate language suffix attached to the end (e.g.: Charger/fr). Do not create redirects in the non-English language that point to this page.

If you are writing your translated wiki on a separate domain, then you do not need to follow the guidelines in this section.

Please ask for permission before creating the language page. See the language translation policy for more information.


Any content that can be found within the game itself can be added to the wiki without a source. This includes content that is accessible in game but normally would require reading the code to understand.

If a piece of content is added to the wiki that is not a part of the game, but is instead from a different #Official source, then a citation must be included. Examples include:

  • Upcoming content that is not a part of any publicly released version.
  • Mentioned content that the developer said would be happening but is not immediately upcoming.
  • Unused content that is not found in the mod's files.
  • Everything on Scrapped features.

Only people in #Trusted users may be used as a source. If information added to an article is found to be unverifiable, or uses a non-trusted source, it may be removed without notice.

Official sources

The following is a list of official, reliable sources that may be cited:

Source How to cite
The Official Discord server Link to the post being cited (click on the three dots "More" menu, then click "Copy Message Link"). One "post" is all the text seen when clicking on a link to said text. If you'd like to cite multiple posts in a row, you can simply include a link to the first post in the series (though if the post is cut up by unrelated posts, then do include multiple citations for each series of posts).
The Official Github Link directly to the issue on Github. You can link straight to a specific comment if you want.
The Official CurseForge page Link to the specific comment.
Advent of Ascension Wiki Link to the edit directly (go to page History and click on the edit link).

These sources can be cited for past information on the mod only:

Source How to cite
The Official Minecraft Forum Thread Cite the forum post directly. The cite link must be obtained when the user is logged out for consistency - the link can lead to different places depending on whether the user is logged in or out.
Xolova's twitter Provide the link to the tweet in question.

Trusted users

All trusted users can be cited on any of the #Official sources.


The mod developer, Scimiguy, is considered to be a reliable source above all other sources.

All other mod staff

If any of the other mod staff adds something to the wiki, then that content is considered reliable above any of the below people, but below Tslat.


Xolova is considered to be a reliable source only for past information on the mod pre-Tslat. Any information that pertains to how the mod was going to be at one point in the past, how Xolova was going to make the mod, or information about development of the mod before Tslat took over, can use Xolova as a source.

Xolova will not be used as a source for information about the mod's future, including but not limited to: how the mod will be developed, etc. Xolova will also not be used as a source on development history ("development history" is defined as behind the scenes information and information relating to plans during development) for any information relating to versions of the mod produced and released by Tslat.


If content in an article is found to be difficult to fit within the boundaries of this style guide, a proposal can be made to make an exception or potentially rework the style guide for the content to allow as is. Proposals should be made on the relevant article's talk page or in the wiki channel on Discord.