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The following page documents the old posts that existed in the News and Updates section on the main page. The posts are ordered from newest to oldest.

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21 March 2021[5] 6 June 2021
3.5-Beta-1 was released on 20 March 2021

A beta for the new 3.5 update, which ports the mod to 1.16.5, was released on 20 March 2021. The download for this beta is available here.

Like all betas, this version is not considered stable. Game-breaking bugs may occur, and some dimensions are unfinished (see below). It is not recommended to use it in any important worlds without backups.

The update also features large changes to in-game content.

  • Many dimensions have their generation and concepts redone.
    • For example, L'Borean was changed to be entirely underwater, with its mobs remodeled to work as swimming aquatic creatures.
    • Some of these changes have yet to be completed, leaving the dimensions unfinished. This is the primary reason for the update's current beta state.
  • Large-scale removals, moves, and sweeping changes:
    • Removal of a significant number of mobs (particularly in the Overworld) and moving several other mobs to other dimensions.
    • Removal of events, tied closely with the above change.
    • All hostile mobs being changed to grant Hunter experience up until Hunter level 10.

Click here for more information about 3.5.

11 December 2020 21 March 2021
3.4 was released on 11 December 2020

The new 3.4 update, which ports the mod to 1.15.2, was released on 11 December 2020. The download for 3.4 is available here.

Besides porting to 1.15.2, the update features some other features:

  • Crossbows were added. There are a total of 9 crossbows in 3.4.
  • Archerguns as a weapon type were removed.
  • The statue blocks that were dropped by bosses have been changed to "trophy" blocks. These are little pedestal blocks with a spinning mob displayed on them.
  • The mod's logs have received stripped variants, and the mod's planks can be made into pressure plates and buttons. The mod's stone can now be made into stairs and slabs. Walls were added and can be made out of the mod's stone, bricks, and ivory.
  • Support for some of 1.14's new utility blocks, such as the Blast Furnace, has been added.

Click here for more information about 3.4.

16 June 2020[4] 11 December 2020
3.3 was released on 6 June 2020

3.3, the Mod Compatibility Update, was released on 6 June 2020. The download for the latest version is available here.

The update adds compatibility for a bunch of mods, including:

  • CraftTweaker
  • IndustrialCraft2
  • Immersive Engineering
  • Just Enough Items
  • Just Enough Resources
  • Thaumcraft
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Tinker's Construct

More details can be found on the Third-Party Mod Integration page.

3.3 also added some various other things/changes, such as saplings for the mod's trees, the ability to turn the skills and resource systems on and off, and much more.

The full changelog can be found on CurseForge, or an incomplete changelog can be found here.

30 May 2020[1] 16 June 2020
3.3 release date announced for 6 June

The mod developer has recently announced on Discord that the 3.3 update will be launching on 6 of June.

3.3 is the Mod Compatibility Update. It is currently set to add mod compatibility for a bunch of mods, including:

3.3 will also be adding some various other things/changes, such as saplings for the mod's trees, the ability to turn the skills and resource systems on and off, and much more. You can find more confirmed things on the planned features page.

17 January 2020[2] 30 May 2020
3.2 was released on 17 January 2020.

3.2, called the Loot Update, was released on 17 January 2020. This update is massive, changing an enormous amount of content in the mod. A brief overview of the most major changes provided by this update is below:

  • Mob drops have been overhauled.
    • Most mobs no longer drop whole weapons, banners, or similar valuable items.
    • Nearly all mobs now drop items from a special pool of items called a world table. Each dimension added by the mod (except Ancient Cavern) and Immortallis) has a special "World Table" to itself which includes items such as copper coins, a dimension's tokens, and various misc items (examples of misc items include Mystic Shrooms in the Mysterium World/Loot Table, Bubble Berry Seeds in the L'Borean World/Loot Table, etc). Most, if not all mobs in a given dimension can drop items from this "World Table".
    • Some mobs have unique drops of their own, such as Hags dropping Sticky Slime or Void Walkers dropping Void Scales.
    • Bosses still have the ability to drop weapons or armor, but the chance for this to happen is not guaranteed. Bosses can also drop misc crafting ingredients or other items, such as runes, or special enchanted books/potions.
  • Weapons/Armor in the mod received an overhaul.
    • Several guns, staves, swords and other weapons have been given new recipes: meaning that the player now obtains them by crafting rather than through a drop.
    • Guns, snipers, cannons, shotguns, archerguns, blasters, and armor added by the mod are now made at the Infusion Table instead of the crafting table. Swords, bows, and staves are made at the crafting table.
    • Stats of weapons have been overhauled. Many weapons had their damage or abilities changed.
    • Armor stats and abilities were also changed. You can now gain abilities from certain armor sets without needing to wear the entire set of armor. The player is also able to wear multiple different armor pieces together and still use their individual abilities.
  • The dimension progression has been changed.
    • Now, instead of getting realmstones as mob drops, the player obtains them from completing certain tasks.
    • The dimension order has been moved around. In 3.2, the dimensions are organized in 6 linear paths all starting from the Overworld.
    • Some dimension progression changes:
      • Barathos is made accessible from the Overworld.
      • The Haven and Celeve are no longer accessible from the Overworld.
      • Candyland is now locked behind Precasia.
      • The Abyss now requires access to the Nether.
      • Runandor now requires Mysterium and Vox Ponds to access.
  • Mob stats have been rebalanced.
    • Many mob abilities have been removed. Hellspot's teleporting ability, Silencer's/Quickpocket's dropping held item ability, among several others were changed or removed.
  • Some skill changes:
    • Hunter mobs were rebalanced based on the new dimension progression. Hunter mobs in dimensions earlier on in the game have lower levels than later dimensions.
    • Several mobs gained hunter status (Terrestrial, Modulo, Luxocron, etc) while several mobs lost their hunter status (Goalby, Magicke, Chimera, Fishix).
    • The ability to configure which mobs are hunter mobs was added.
    • Enchanting at the Infusion Table was changed. The Infusion Table now has a GUI which can be used to enchant or craft weapons/armor.
      • Many new enchantments were added to the Infusion Table, including Fortune and Looting. The Infusion Table even provides levels of enchantments not obtainable elsewhere normally.
        • Weapon and armor crafting at an Infusion Table does not require the player to train their Infusion skill, but enchanting does.
    • Using a stack of unpowered runes or charged runes on a Rune Shrine block may consume the entire stack at once and grant the corresponding xp as if the player used each individual unpowered rune or charged rune manually.
    • The Augury skill was disabled and is non-functional in 3.2.
  • Other changes in 3.2:
    • You can now enchant items added by the mod at the vanilla enchantment table.
    • You can now press right-click on a fully grown crop to harvest and replant it without needing to break it and reobtain the seeds.
    • Tinker's Construct support was added. The mod's ingots can now be used in a Tinker's Construct Smeltery. The player can not make tools out of the ingots yet but the player can cast the liquid metal into ingots and blocks.

For a work in progress list of changes, see 3.2.

5 January 2020[3] 17 January 2020
Everything you need to know for the 3.2 update.

Scimiguy, the mod developer, has recently announced an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for the release of the 3.2 update, also known as the Loot Update. According to this post on Discord the update is expected to arrive by 18 January 2020 at the latest. Scimiguy has written this about the update in the same post:

It's been an...insanely long journey, with 3.2 being what I believe to be the single largest overhaul to the mod ever, discarding so many of the things that AoA is infamous for, and bringing a whole new way to play the mod!
~ Scimiguy (source)

By taking a quick look at the planned features page, it is not hard to see why this is the case. It has been a long time since the mod last updated, with the last update, 3.1.2.b, having been released on 23 May 2019, over 7 months ago.

If the release date given for 3.2 wasn't good news enough, the mod developer has said that it is possible it might come earlier if it is finished prior to the 18th of January.

So what does 3.2 have in store? To avoid posting spoilers on the main page, check out the planned features page for a general list of things being done in the next update.

For the rest of this post, a list of potential FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will be provided to help answer things that people may be wondering about the next update, as well as some important things that players should know when updating.

Important things to know for 3.2:

  • The next update will require Forge to play. If you are using a version of forge that is below this version, you will be required to update to this version of forge. You can download the new version of Forge here.

Potential Questions:

When will 3.2 release?
  • If you didn't see the above paragraph (or the post on Discord), 3.2 will release by 18 January 2020 by the latest, but it is possible it could release before then.
Will I need to start a new world for the update?
  • Starting a new world is not required to play the update. However, some of the changes to the mod in 3.2 might make progression in existing worlds a little strange, so starting a new world would allow for a fresh experience.
How do I install the update when it releases?
  • When the update releases, you must download it (from either the download page or on curseforge) and then drag it into your mod folder where mod files usually go. If you had a copy of an older version of the mod in the mods folder already, don't forget to delete or remove it before you load up your game. Reminder that the update is available for the 1.12.2 version of Minecraft: Java Edition only, and it cannot be played on other Minecraft: Java Edition versions or any other version of Minecraft. In case you're wondering, no it is not released yet.
Which version of Minecraft is the update for?
  • The update is for Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.12.2. The update will not be available on 1.7.10.
How do I update my Forge version?
  • You can download a later version of Forge here.
Will the 2.5 snapshot dimensions be added in 3.2?
  • 3.2 will not be adding any of the 2.5 snapshot dimensions.
My game crashed! What do I do? (or other problem)
  • If you are experiencing a problem where the game crashes, come to Discord and ask for help there. Don't forget to bring the crash report if there is one, as no helped can be provided without it.

If you have a question that is not answered here, you can ask it on Discord or post it on the Wiki Update Request Poll (if you do the latter, make sure to specify that you're asking a question for this FAQ).

14 October 2019 5 January 2020
New poll for suggesting armor and weapon abilities.

The mod developer has recently released a poll that allows you to suggest new armor and weapon abilities. You can make the suggestions here.

EDIT: The poll has been closed. You can see the suggestions people made here.

21 April 2019 14 October 2019
AoA 3.1 was released on 21 April 2019.

AoA 3.1 was a minor update that added many gui-related things/changes, as well as a couple small other things. Brief synopsis of changes/fixes:

  • A new in-game menu was implemented that allows the player to see their skills, resource systems, and get help if needed.
  • Skills can not be made to appear outside of the new in-game menu anymore, and the AoA Noticeboard was removed. The resource systems can be made to appear/disappear outside of this in-game menu though.
  • Added Raw Charger Shanks, which drop from Chargers, and a cooked variant of Charger Shank.
  • Added commands to level up skills and trigger events, as well as check which events are active.
  • Added config options to change ore generation, structure generation, and Overworld mob spawns.
  • Added advancements.
  • Removed Vulcanism.

For a complete list of changes/fixes in the 3.1 update, see 3.1.

23 February 2019 21 April 2019
AoA 3.0 was released on 22 February 2019.

AoA 3.0 updated the mod to Minecraft version 1.12.2, and made several rebalancing changes. Brief synopsis of changes/fixes:

  • Many textures (including all armor textures) and IDs were changed. See 3.0/Texture changes for a list of texture changes, and 3.0/Id changes for ID changes.
  • Many weapons were rebalanced; see 3.0#Weapons for a list of balancing changes.
  • Added mauls, a new class of melee weapons that deal massive knockback.
  • Added shotguns, a class of ranged weapons that fire multiple bullets at once.
  • Sniper bullets now travel much faster, and players have the ability to walk around while scoped.
  • Cannons now do extra damage to armored enemies.
  • Staves no longer require the Rune Pouch to be fired; the player can have the runes in their inventory.
  • Many armor protection values and full set bonuses were changed; see 3.0#Armor for a full list of changes.
  • Added three new enchantments: Form, Greed, and Brace.
  • Skills can now be trained up to level 1000; levels above 100 are purely cosmetic and have no gameplay effect.
  • Some mobs are now classified as arthropod or undead, allowing the Bane of Arthropods and Smite enchantments to work against them.
  • Hunter mobs now indicate whether the player has a high enough level to damage them.
  • Full moon event now displays a message in chat.
  • The Haven's Guardian Tower structure was changed to contain multiple floors with mob spawners.
  • Haven and Celeve have bigger islands.
  • Lunalus no longer has a water/bedrock layer.
  • The Rune Pouch, Formation Staff, Krasaun's Dawn, and Campfire were removed.
  • Fragment Temples have been temporarily removed.
  • The Hermetism and Robbery skills were replaced with Alchemy and Engineering, although they are currently untrainable.
  • Added a Modding API, which allows other mods to interact with AoA in a more direct way.

For a complete list of changes/fixes in the 3.0 update, see 3.0.

8 July 2018 23 February 2019
Tslat 1.1.3 was released on 6 July 2018.

Tslat 1.1.3 added some new planks, made several changes, and fixed lots of bugs. Brief synopsis of changes/fixes:

  • Added wooden planks for domigous wood, eucadon wood, melumia wood, and opollo wood.
  • Added in russian and chinese-simplified language files - so players can play the mod in those languages now.
  • Changed the full set bonus of ice armor to briefly freezing attackers depending on the damage.
  • Bowls now take damage from extraction.
  • Slightly increased rainicorn spawn rate.
  • Nethengeic Wither's projectiles now inflict Wither II for 3 seconds upon hitting a target.
  • Fixed entire extraction reward table being 5 levels off, and not giving xp+fail drop.
  • Fixed ancient cactus not spawning in precasian deserts.
  • Fixed not getting any xp from double log drops from logging.
  • Fixed rune templars causing crashes in runandor.
  • Made fischers a bit rarer.
  • Fixed another crash with knight's armor.
  • Many more bug fixes.

For a complete list of changes/fixes in the Tslat 1.1.3 update, click here.


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