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Giant Snail Acid.png
Hardness 0
Blast resistance 0
Transparent No
Luminance None
Tool Hand
Rarity color Common
Drops N/A
ID nevermine:acidBlock
Version added Green: 1.0
Orange: 2.0

Acid is a block that damages players or entities that step on it. There are two color variants: green and orange.


Acid Blocks can be broken by hand. It breaks instantly when broken. Acid will never drop as an item, even when a tool with Silk Touch is used.

Natural Generation[]

Green Acid spawns wherever a Giant Snail walks. A Giant Snail is only able to spawn green acid on Precasia Grass, High Precasia Stone and Low Precasia Stone.

Orange Acid spawns whenever the player fires an arrow from a Skydriver Bow. The arrow leaves a trail of acid under it as it flies.


In-game, acid is only 1/8 of a block tall.

Green Acid damages the player when stepped on. It will not damage anything else. The acid will do 15 (♥×7.5) damage per second to the player for as long as the player stands on it. The acid will also inflict Slowness to the player.

Orange Acid damages all other entities besides the player that step on it. The orange acid will do 8 (♥×4) damage per second to any entity that stands on it. The orange acid will also inflict Slowness to entities.

Both acid types will decay after a short period of time.


  • If the player dies when touching a green Acid Block, the death message will say "<player> was dissolved into acid."