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Abyss Tokens
Abyss Tokens.png
Rarity color Common
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
ID aoa3:abyss_tokens

Abyss Tokens is an item from the Abyss.

As of 3.5, Abyss Tokens no longer exist.


Mob drops[]

Abyss Tokens can be obtained as a drop from the listed mobs:

Gem Bag[]

Abyss Tokens can be obtained from a Gem Bag.

Mineralization Station[]

Abyss Tokens can be obtained by using a Bloodstone on a Mineralization Station.



NPC Item Price
Abyssal Lottoman Lotto Totem.png 1 Lotto Totem Abyss Tokens.png 28 Abyss Tokens
Abyssal Lottoman Rune Box.png 1 Rune Box Abyss Tokens.png 10 Abyss Tokens
Abyssal Lottoman Treasure Box.png 1 Treasure Box Abyss Tokens.png 21 Abyss Tokens
Abyssal Lottoman Weapons Case.png 1 Weapons Box Abyss Tokens.png 15 Abyss Tokens
Undead Herald Shadow Banner.png 1 Shadow Banner Abyss Tokens.png 10 Abyss Tokens


Version Information
1.0 Introduced
3.0 Id changed from nevermine:coinsAbyss to aoa3:abyss_tokens.
Renamed Abyss Gems to Abyss Tokens
3.5 Removed