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Release date 17 November 2021[1]
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Previous version 3.6-Alpha-1
Next version 3.6-Alpha-3

3.6-Alpha-2 is the second alpha released for 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha.



  • Added a level 100 ability for unlocking a new helm for all skills except Dexterity.
  • Added many new abilities to Innervation.







  • The textures of the following resources have been changed:


Item Changes
Blank Realmstone The realmstone task for Vox Ponds now says "Creeponian trader" instead of simply "trader".
Call Of The Drake Renamed to Call of the Drake.
Candied Water Bucket Has been relocated to the Miscellaneous creative tab.
Clear Water Bucket Has been relocated to the Miscellaneous creative tab.
Guardians Eye Renamed to Guardian's Eye.
Toxic Waste Bucket Has been relocated to the Miscellaneous creative tab.


Sword Changes
Guardians Sword The tooltip text for the sword's charging ability has been changed to "Right click charge up with a Crystallite Stone".
Rock-Pick Sword The Efficiency and Fortune enchantments can now be applied.
Troll-Basher Axe The Efficiency and Fortune enchantments can now be applied.
Greatblade Changes
Noxious Greatblade The time that the cloud spawned by Noxious Greatblade exists for has been doubled.
Throwable weapons[]
  • All throwable weapons now have 3D models when thrown.
Gun Changes
Electinator Electinator's ability now does .25 (♥×0.125) damage instead of 1 (♥×0.5).
Purity Rifle The amount of extra damage that can be done by Purity Rifle when the player has negative potion effects has been changed to 10% from 20%.
Purity Rifle no longer gives extra damage for neutral potion effects.
  • The textures of the following blasters have been changed:
  • The damage of every vulcane has been changed to 10 (♥×5).


Entity Changes
Omnilight The model was changed.


Enchantment Changes
Curse of Greed An enchanting table will be unable to enchant items with Curse of Greed.


  • Fixed AoA fluid buckets stacking. (Github issue #2811)[2]
  • Fixed Mauls and Greatblades not utilising their reach properly. (Github issue #2872)[2]
  • Fixed Energy Cannon and Moon Cannon not performing knockback properly. (Github issue #2870)[2]
  • Fixed mauls not performing knockback properly. (Github issue #2871)[2]
  • Fixed Electinator also dealing magic damage to the original target.[2]
  • Fixed Heart Fruit crops giving the fruit when not fully grown. (Github issue #2790)[2]
  • Fixed Ancient Light, Archaic Light, Steel Light, and Vox Light requiring silk touch. (Github issue #2789)[2]
  • Fixed Shyre Cloud not rendering properly next to some blocks.[2]
  • Fixed stripped AoA log blocks not being flammable.[2]
  • Fixed AoA lamps not being as bright as they should be.[2]
  • Fixed a crash caused by Undead Troll. (Github issue #2853)[2]
  • Fixed Dustopian passive entities not spawning. (Github issue #2807)[2]
  • Fixed Cotton Candor dropping Voliant Hearts. (Github issue #2791)[2]
  • Fixed AoA bosses freezing their healthbar when set with NoAI.[2]
  • Fixed Rosite & Jade not generating in Lunalus. (Github issue #2809)[2]
  • Fixed an issue where if Tslat joined any dedicated server it could immediately crash.[2]
  • Fixed the Rainbow Grass variants having numbers in their names. (Github issue #2812)[2]
  • Fixed some outdated NPC dialogue. (Github suggestion #2793)[2]
  • Fixed Coralstone Maul using sticks instead of Limonite Rods. (Github issue #2803)[2]