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3.6, also known as the Skill Update,[1] is a major update with an unknown release date. The update's main feature is overhauling and revamping the skill system and the skills themselves.

An alpha for 3.6 was released on 30 October 2021.[2] The download for the alpha can be found in the infobox on the right.



  • All skills now have a "Cycle" property.
    • Once the player gets level 100 in a skill, the player can "cycle" it.
    • Once a skill is cycled, it will reset to level 1, with 0 xp.
    • Every time a skill is cycled, the amount of xp one obtains while leveling up increases.
    • All skills can be cycled a maximum of 10 times.
  • The following new skills have been added:







  • Centenarian
  • Cycling Master
  • Millennial
  • The Cycle Begins


Advent GUI
  • Added a Leaderboards tab.
  • Added a Lore tab.


  • skillsLeaderboardEnabled
  • maxLeaderboardThreads
  • dontCacheDatabase
  • databaseUsername
  • databasePassword
  • hudSkillProgressRenderType
  • renderNumericalHealth

Third-Party Mod Integration[]



  • Skills can now be edited with a datapack.
  • Skill requirements of items is now editable via datapacks.
    • Can now support many skill requirements on the same item.
  • As the player gains xp in a skill, the outer ring of the skill icon that pops up whenever the player gains xp will slowly start to filling up with a blue color.
    • The circle will become practically filled once the player has enough xp to reach the next level, after which the ring resets to being completely empty.

The following skills have been removed:


  • Datapacks can now edit resources.

The following resources have been removed:


Dimension Changes
Nowhere Going into the void in survival mode will now transport the player to the hub room.
Elytra and teleporting no longer works inside Nowhere.


Block Changes
Rune Post (all) Are now in the AoA Functional Blocks creative tab.
Can now be right-clicked with Unpowered Runes or Charged Runes to create their respective runes.

The following blocks have been removed:


Block Changes
Blank Realmstone The realmstone task for Vox Ponds now says "Creeponian trader" instead of simply "trader".
Call Of The Drake Renamed to Call of the Drake.
Candied Water Bucket Is now in the Miscellaneous creative tab of vanilla Minecraft.
Clear Water Bucket Is now in the Miscellaneous creative tab of vanilla Minecraft.
Gravitator No longer inflicts Jump Boost.
Fall damage reduction changed.
Guardians Eye Renamed to Guardian's Eye.
Runes (all) All runes have gotten new crafting recipes, which look similar to this:
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune
Compass Rune
Compass Rune

The player can use Charged Runes instead of Unpowered Runes, which crafts 16 runes instead of 8.

Toxic Waste Bucket Is now in the Miscellaneous creative tab of vanilla Minecraft.

The following items have been removed:

The following items have been given an uncommon rarity:


Swords Changes
Guardians Sword The tooltip text for the sword's charging ability has been changed to "Right click charge up with a Crystallite Stone".
Rock-Pick Sword The Efficiency and Fortune enchantments can now be used on it.
Troll-Basher Axe The Efficiency and Fortune enchantments can now be used on it.
  • Greatblades now act like swords for most purposes ingame.
    • This means that they can have sword enchantments and perform critical and sweep attacks.
Greatblade Changes
Noxious Greatblade The duration of the poison is now based on attack cooldown.
The time that the cloud spawned by Noxious Greatblade exists for has been doubled.
  • Now uses the attack knockback attribute of the player.
  • The Knockback enchantment is now applicable to mauls.
Throwable weapons[]
  • All throwable weapons now have 3D models when thrown.
  • All throwable weapons are now "semi-automatic".
  • Gun recoil and firing has been changed.
  • Quadrupled the fire rate of all guns, but damage has been reduced to keep DPS the same.
Gun Changes
Electinator Electinator's ability now does .25 (♥×0.125) damage instead of 1 (♥×0.5).
Gardener Has become more rare.
Can now be obtained during the night.
Predator Has received a change.
Pulsator Has received a change.
Purity Rifle The amount of extra damage that can be done by Purity Rifle when the player has negative potion effects has been changed to 10% from 20%.
Purity Rifle no longer gives extra damage for neutral potion effects.
Rocker Rifle Has received a change.
Shoe Flinger Now will force any mob shot to wear Leather Boots, as long as the mob isn't already wearing boots.

The following guns have been changed to be "semi-automatic":[2]

  • No longer inflict knockback.
  • All snipers have been changed to be "semi-automatic".[2]
  • All cannons have been changed to be "semi-automatic".[2]
  • Attacking a player using a shield will now disable the other player's shield.
  • Now inflict knockback on hit.
  • Now do not make the player slower when used.
  • The textures of the following blasters have been changed:
  • Reduced the fire rate of all staves.
  • Doubled the damage of staves that deal damage.
  • Vulcanes are now tied to Rage.
    • Players can only use a vulcane if they have enough Rage.
  • The damage of every vulcane has been changed to 10 (♥×5).


  • Multiple screen effects can now coexist at the same time.
  • Screen effects now fade out instead of abruptly disappearing.
Entity Changes
Arcbeast Has a new model.
Boneback Has a new model.
Bugeye Has a new model.
Bush Baby Has a new model.
Chomper Has a new model.
Corrupted Traveller When the player has the Patchoulli mod, the player will recieve a custom Patchoulli Worn Book instead of the mod's Worn Book from a Corrupted Traveller.
Ice Giant Has a new model.
Leafy Giant Has a new model.
Muckopede Has a new model.
Night Reaper Has a new model.
Nightfly Has a new model.
Omnilight Has a new model.
Sand Giant Has a new model.
Stone Giant Has a new model.
Sysker Has a new model.
Wood Giant Has a new model.


Enchantments Changes
Control Now has a max level of 3.
Curse of Greed Curse of Greed is now not obtainable from an enchanting table.
Sever Now increases the damage dealt by critical attacks.

The following enchantments have been removed:


The following structures have been removed:


Advancement Changes
By The Books No longer has a toast notification.

The following advancements have been removed:


Advancement Changes
aoa Can now be used to edit skill cycles.
The tribute part of the command has been removed.


The following configuration options have been removed:

  • adventGuiPausesGame
  • showVanityLevels


GUI Changes
Advent GUI The Guides tab has been removed.
New themes can now be added using resource packs.


  • Some descriptions were changed.


  • Fixed several greatblades not properly taking into account strength buffs for effects.[2]
  • Fixed an error caused by throwing Observing Eyes.[2]
  • Fixed some incorrect UV mappings on Iropole. (Github issue #2769)[2]
  • Fixed Undead Herald not selling Boreic Banners. (Github issue #2723)[2]
  • Fixed some Iro Passages not generating loot. (Github issue #2715)[2]
  • Fixed Ruined Teleporter Frames not generating with carved runes.[2]
  • Fixed the Worst. Farmer. Ever. advancement not being hidden. (Github issue #2766)[2]
  • Fixed an issue causing players on Java higher than 8 to not be able to play. (Github issue #2761)[2]
  • Fixed a crash related to occult block markers.[2]
  • Fixed a crash related to Occulent clones.[2]
  • Fixed MK having an incorrectly capitalised name. (Github issue #2473)[2]
  • Fixed RPG and Floro RPG not being properly capitalised. (Github issue #2817)[2]
  • Fixed energy projectiles going through grass and plants.[2]
  • Fixed Floro RPG having having the wrong firing rate.[2]
  • Fixed Missile Maker not recoiling properly.[2]
  • Fixed Rosidian Sword crashing servers. (Github issue #2837)[2]
  • Fixed strongerMobGriefing not being properly compatible with other mods.[2]
  • Fixed some guns not properly using recoil.[2]
  • Fixed entity attack animations breaking and not aligning with actual damage.[2]
  • Fixed guns not being able to be properly dual-wielded with brace.[2]
  • Fixed a typo in the command feedback for checking other player's xp.[2]
  • Fixed AoA fluid buckets stacking. (Github issue #2811)[2]
  • Fixed Mauls and Greatblades not utilising their reach properly. (Github issue #2872)[2]
  • Fixed Energy Cannon and Moon Cannon not performing knockback properly. (Github issue #2870)[2]
  • Fixed mauls not performing knockback properly. (Github issue #2871)[2]
  • Fixed Electinator also dealing magic damage to the original target.[2]
  • Fixed Heart Fruit crops giving the fruit when not fully grown. (Github issue #2790)[2]
  • Fixed Ancient Light, Archaic Light, Steel Light, and Vox Light requiring silk touch. (Github issue #2789)[2]
  • Fixed Shyre Cloud not rendering properly next to some blocks.[2]
  • Fixed stripped AoA log blocks not being flammable.[2]
  • Fixed AoA lamps not being as bright as they should be.[2]
  • Fixed a crash caused by Undead Troll. (Github issue #2853)[2]
  • Fixed Dustopian passive entities not spawning. (Github issue #2807)[2]
  • Fixed Cotton Candor dropping Voliant Hearts. (Github issue #2791)[2]
  • Fixed AoA bosses freezing their healthbar when set with NoAI.[2]
  • Fixed Rosite & Jade not generating in Lunalus. (Github issue #2809)[2]
  • Fixed an issue where if Tslat joined any dedicated server it could immediately crash.[2]
  • Fixed the Rainbow Grass variants having numbers in their names. (Github issue #2812)[2]
  • Fixed some outdated NPC dialogue. (Github suggestion #2793)[2]
  • Fixed Coralstone Maul using sticks instead of Limonite Rods. (Github issue #2803)[2]