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This wiki is maintained for the current latest version of AoA. If you are playing on an older version of the mod, you may find some of the information for your version missing or incorrect. Use the page history feature to view older versions of pages instead.

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Release date 6 July 2021[1]
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Previous version 3.5.3
Next version 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha

3.5.4 is a minor update.

Changes[ | ]

Blocks[ | ]

Block Changes
Logs (all) Can now be smelted into charcoal.
Stripped log (all)
Wood (all)
Stripped wood (all)
  • The following blocks have received texture changes:

Items[ | ]

Weapons[ | ]

Swords[ | ]

Structures[ | ]

  • The chest loot that the mod adds to vanilla chests can now appear in desert pyramids.
Structure Changes
Runic Portal Hollow The generation rate has been increased.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed Lunar Greatblade and Millennium Greatblade using the wrong values for damage. (Github issue #2701)[2]
  • Fixed sheared blocks not requiring shears to be shorn.[2]
  • Fixed Lunar Creation Table not dropping its contents when broken. (Github issue #2688)[2]
  • Fixed Heart Fruit and Magic Marang crops giving fruit even when not grown. (Github issue #2692)[2]
  • Fixed some Pixons & NPCs not spawning. (Github issue #2702)[2]
  • Fixed Pixons not granting the killed stat. (Github issue #2708)[2]
  • Fixed Zal Ship's storage chests generating with Lucalus logs.[2]
  • Fixed Zal Ship using Lucalus Buttons.[2]
  • Fixed Gingerbread House generating its chests disconnected. (Github issue #2693)[2]
  • Fixed AoA fluids not working in dispensers. (Github issue #2703)[2]

References[ | ]