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Release date 7 June 2021
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Previous version 3.5
Next version 3.5.2

3.5.1 is a minor update that was released on 7 June 2021.[1]



Items Changes
Lotto Totem Can now be placed in Nowhere.
Tablet Can now be placed in Nowhere.



Greatblades Changes
Lyonic Greatblade Damage reduced to 20 (♥×10).
Durability reduced to 1420.
Can now be found in loot chests in all iro passage variants.


Entity Changes
Mechbot Now drops Iro Cannon.
Soulscorne Now spawns naturally in Shyrelands.


Structures Changes
Luxocron Dungeon The water inside was removed.
Zal Prison Camp (variant 2) The inmate-x and inmate-y spawners are now above the floor.
Added lunide fence gates to the cave entrance.


  • Fixed Voliant flying just as well as a brick. (Github issue #2615)[1]
  • Fixed a crash caused when AoA Traders die.[1]
  • Fixed AoA Traders crashing the game when killed. (Github issue #2612)[1]
  • Fixed Observing Eyes spawning passive Visualents.[1]
  • Fixed Axiolight not spawning properly.[1]
  • Fixed Omnilight not spawning properly.[1]
  • Fixed Happy not spawning properly.[1]
  • Fixed Zal Prison Camps not having generated loot.[1]
  • Fixed Shyre Lotto Bunkers not generating.[1]
  • Fixed one of the chests in Luxocron Dungeon not having loot. (Github issue #2608)[1]
  • Fixed one of the chests in Shyre Mausoleums not having loot. (Github issue #2609)[1]
  • Fixed Mystic Shrooms being in the overworld loot table.[1]