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Advent of Ascension Wiki
Release date 18 March 2021[1]
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Previous version 3.4.6
Next version 3.4.8

3.4.7 is a small update.



  • Tree Spirit Spawn Egg





  • Dead Tree Spawn Egg got a texture change.


  • Improved high-pitch sniper shots again so they stop failing.


  • Changed the Night Vision Goggles overlay texture.


  • The distance that flying mobs will aggro the player was changed from 36 blocks to 24 blocks.
  • Reduced the costs of Toy Merchant trades.
Entity Changes
Amphibiyte Received sound changes
Coratee Health changed from 45 (♥×22.5) to 27 (♥×13.5).
Elkanyne Health changed from 40 (♥×20) to 25 (♥×12.5).
Meganeuropsis Armor changed from 4 to 1.
Pixon (all) Can now despawn.
Received sound changes.
Trotter Health changed from 45 (♥×22.5) to 25 (♥×12.5).


  • Improved portal generation mechanics to attempt to avoid spawning below floating dim land.
  • Improved the portal clearing if the portal generates underground to give more room to move.
  • Added additional prevention methods for ender pearls above world height.
  • Made the Blank Realmstone GUI wrap its tooltips to prevent long text being cut off.
  • The Celeve World Table was tweaked: circus coins now drop in quantities of 2-5 instead of 1-3.


  • Fixed Living Growth's hitbox shrinking when in its final stages.[2]
  • Fixed Spikey Pillar & Lunar Pillar creating X-ray unintentionally.[2]
  • Fixed Footbone Fragments Ore not dropping xp when mined.[2]
  • Fixed Shyre Staff teleporting up walls.[2]
  • Fixed greatblades and mauls ignoring their cooldown restrictions.[2]
  • Fixed Draggy Slab's recipe being incorrect.[2]
  • Fixed Goofer Slab's recipe being incorrect.[2]
  • Fixed the creation slab recipes not giving enough slabs.[2]
  • Fixed the scrollbar not working properly in the guides tab of the Advent GUI.[2]
  • Fixed the Reaper Reaper advancement triggering for any Web Reaper kill.[2]
  • Added another fix for Ancient Cavern shrines not working in survival.[2]
  • Fixed Lotto Totem's coin not spinning.[2]
  • Fixed a crash caused by an incompatibility with some mods.[2]
  • Fixed the Charger Safari advancement requiring a Ghostly Cyclops kill instead of a Ghostly Charger.[2]
  • Fixed events not properly starting on launch if one is running when the server or world is shut down.[2]
  • Fixed the Shell Enchantment not affecting the tooltip damage on a number of guns.[2]
  • Fixed the disableHudPotionOffset not affecting the skills gui. (Github issue #2335)[2]
  • Fixed an issue with FakePlayers causing a crash. (Github issue #2334)[2]
  • Fixed the Control enchantment not going up to level 4. (Github issue #2327)[2]
  • Fixed the player command causing resources to multiply wildly.[2]
  • Fixed Irolog's texture not being updated.[2]