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Release date 7 August 2020[1]
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Previous version 3.3.2
Next version 3.3.4

3.3.3 is a minor update.

Additions[ | ]

Advancements[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

Resource Systems[ | ]

Battle Rage
  • In order to get a critical hit, the player must now have a minimum of 51 Battle Rage.

Blocks[ | ]

Items[ | ]

Weapons[ | ]

  • Changed Selyan Scythe's tooltip from "Heals Half a Heart Per Hit" to "Heals up to Half a Heart Per Hit".
  • Tidal Greatblade now requires a cooldown of 95% to do its ability, as opposed to its previous 75%.
  • Changed Underworld Greatblade's tooltip from "Deals Additional Damage to Undead Enemies" to "Deals Additional Damage to Undead Creatures".
  • Vulcammer Maul now requires a cooldown of 85% to do its ability, as opposed to its previous 75%.

Entities[ | ]


Advancements[ | ]

Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat
  • Renamed to "Colour, Clarity, Cut, Carat".

GUI[ | ]

Advent GUI
  • Changed the texture of the Jungle theme.
  • Removed the following tip: "Some mobs may pull at you. Crouch to block them."
  • The sentence "If you get lucky, you may even find a way to get to Lunalus, and you can begin to plot your violent revenge from there." has been removed from the Lunar Invasion guide.

Third-Party Mod Integration[ | ]

Tinker's Construct
  • Smelting Chargers in a smeltery now gives twice the material.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Hightlighted ores from the Occult pickaxe are bugged on the underside (Issue 1766)
  • "Oops.." advancement (Issue 1762)
  • Some names are misspelled/inconsistently spelled in their advancement descriptions (Issue 1739)
  • When trying to put put down a tablet that you do not have enough Soul Power to use, the toast notification displays twice (Issue 1738)
  • Cyclone can't fire (Issue 1734)
  • Typo in Barathos(?) and Precasia portal messages (Issue 1729)
    • The "(?)" is a part of the post title.
  • Ghostly Charger is not semi-transparent like it's supposed to be (Issue 1722)
  • Spectral Archergun requires and consumes holly arrows (Issue 1714)
  • Abyssal Lottoman uses its Overworld counterpart's skin instead of its own (Issue 1710)
  • Changing boss health with commands can cause the boss bar to glitch (Issue 1707)
  • King bambambam's little bams drop loot if unloaded (Issue 1701)
  • Crash when shooting Ender Dragon with shotgun. (Issue 1695)
  • Torn Cloth Fletching unobtainable (Issue 1669)
  • 'Should be a mechanic' advancement (Issue 1667)
  • Archerguns and all the bullet damage weapons still require ammo in creative (Issue 1658)

Bugs[ | ]

Version 3.3.3 is known to have the following notable bugs:[3]

  • Attempting to launch the game on a dedicated server causes a crash. This was fixed in 3.3.4.

References[ | ]