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Release date 7th June 2020[1]
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Previous version 3.3
Next version 3.3.2

3.3.1 is a minor update.



  • Added Thaumcraft traits for blue and pink Daylooms.



  • Fixed Vulcanes not being repairable by combining two in a crafting grid.
  • Fixed the Air Blade modifier being able to be added to non-broadsword tools.
  • Fixed the Ethereal Miner Tinkers Trait not working on Dragon Eggs.
  • Changed Fungal Armour's effect to activate consistently with its piece effect.


  • Adjusted Shik's loot table slightly.
  • Stoped Shik despawning naturally.


  • Added levels to the re-added skills overlay.
  • Corrected the skills gui render position based on various conditions of the resources gui.
  • Updated the Screen Elements and Soul Scurry guides to updated information.


  • Fixed Meganeuropsis not using its own loot table.
  • Fixed Shik spawning on the roof of Deeplands.
  • Fixed Shik using the wrong hurt sound.
  • Fixed Divine Station duplicating items.
  • Fixed Water Balloon Bomber placing water in dimensions it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed Primal Sword giving damage boosts to other items.
  • Fixed Gem Bag not counting item uses for statistics.
  • Fixed Emberstone Pickaxe not giving smelting xp.
  • Fixed inconsistent pluralising in Shik's bestiary entry.
  • Fixed guides not loading properly.
  • Fixed worn book not loading properly.
  • Fixed the Toggle Skills Display key not having the right name in the options menu.
  • Fixed some minor grammatical errors in Tinkers Construct trait descriptions.
  • Fixed Crystallite Ore's Thaumcraft traits not being applied due to it overwriting Crystallite.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in Bugeye's bestiary entry.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when running IndustrialCraft2.
  • Fixed various sources of tribute working during the night.