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Release date 25 March 2020[1]
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Previous version 3.2.5
Next version 3.2.7

3.2.6 is a minor update.



  • Added a recipe for Eye Candy.
  • Added a recipe for Hot Rods.



  • Made cotton candy blocks obtainable with shears.
  • Reduced hardness and explosion resistance of cotton candy.


  • Fixed Omni Armor having incorrect toughness values.
  • Fixed a crash occuring when using Gas Blaster on untamed minions.
  • Fixed Hell Horn's bubbles not correctly hitting enemies.
  • Adjusted the staff code again to be more consistent with firing speed.
  • Soul Spark & Light Spark will now no longer affect blaster-immune enemies.
  • Fixed the Occult Pickaxe's marker cubes persisting at 0, 0 and causing FPS drops.
  • Fixed an issue allowing shield-abuse when firing guns.
  • Fixed a bug causing scythes to regenerate more soul power than intended.


  • Fixed Skipper not spawning properly.
  • Fixed Chomper not spawning properly.
  • Fixed Spinux not spawning properly.
  • Fixed Fishix not spawning properly.
  • Adjusted Skipper's movement speed slightly.
  • Removed Hydrolisk's teleport ability.
  • Added Power Core to MechBot's drops.
  • Fixed Swamp Chargers not spawning properly.
  • Allowed Undead Heralds to despawn after an hour if not nametagged.
  • Reduced Undead Herald's space rate.


  • Fixed a stray pixel on the Ultimatum Staff texture.
  • Fixed stray pixels on the skill icons.


  • Fixed a null argument being thrown, causing an incompatibility with SpongeForge.
  • Fixed the drop table for fishing blocking AoA fish from being pulled up.
  • Fixed AoA breaking compatibility with fall damage modifications from other mods.
  • Fixed a rare crash from XP Particles.
  • Fixed a dedicated server crash occuring when disabling unsafe infusion in the config file.
  • Fixed a typo in the His Bigger Badder Brother achievement's name, and one in its description.
  • Fixed a game freeze occuring when the portal can't find a suitable portal location in a void world.
  • Fixed an issue with Phosphor where chunks would randomly fail to exist.
  • Changed up the spawning logic for Skeletal Army to fix spawns hanging on trees.