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Release date 9 March 2020[1]
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Previous version 3.2.4
Next version 3.2.6

3.2.5 is a minor update.



  • Fixed Archaic Ladder and its breakable counterpart using the vanilla ladder's particles when broken.
  • Fixed Whitewashing Table not allowing for multiple operations.
  • Fixed Mending Table repairing twice as much as it should.


  • Fixed Skeletal tools not dropping bone meal.
  • Fixed Toy Gyrocopter not being consumed on use.
  • Fixed Runic Greatblade not working again.
  • Fixed Heat Wave's stats being wrong.
  • Fixed Archaic Ladder and its breakable counterpart having the wrong appearance when in-hand.
  • Added Sticky Slime to the OreDictionary as 'slimeball'.
  • Changed Expedition Armour's set effect.
  • Adjusted weightings and chances of skeletal tool drops.
  • Fixed Holly Arrows not properly cooking enemy loot when shot with flame enchants.
  • Fixed Fireborne sword not properly cooking enemy loot when killed.
  • Lowered Light's Way's damage to 7.5.
  • Made Bubble Berries slightly faster to consume.
  • Reduced Vile Vanquisher's damage to 11. (Github suggestion #1279)
  • Fixed Energy Cannon and Moon Cannon dealing unusually high damage.
  • Changed Vox Cannon's stats to better match the current format.
  • Fixed Selyan Scythe healing less than it should.
  • Buffed the amount of soul power scythes leech.
  • Increased Floro RPG's durability.
  • Reduced the profitability of Pluton Stickler's effect.
  • Changed Grandsword's name to Bloodlurker.


  • Fixed Night Watcher applying blindness to creative mode players when hit.
  • Reduced Bone Creature's health to 40.
  • Fixed Fungbacks poisoning themselves.
  • Fixed Ghosts not being able to go invisible.
  • Fixed Living Fungi spawning directly instead of Hiding Fungi.
  • Fixed Elder Guardians giving Hauling xp sometimes when killed.
  • Fixed Pincher's ranged immunity still being present.
  • Fixed Sea Chargers not properly spawning on water.
  • Fixed Magical Creeper giving extremely long lasting slowness on death.
  • Fixed Creeperlock teleporting while dead.
  • Fixed Pixons giving tributed when harvested outside of the overworld.
  • Stopped Tricksters going invisible or cloning while dead.
  • Fixed Eeos spawning infinite and conditionless spirit protectors & guardians.
  • Fixed Gingerbird not dropping Gingerbread wing by adding a loot table.
  • Overworld wandering traders will no longer despawn naturally when in the Overworld.
  • Withering Lottomen will no longer despawn naturally when in the Nether.
  • Undead Heralds will no longer despawn naturally.
  • Increased the drop chance of Void Scales from Mother Void Walkers.
  • Changed Realmshifter's trades to be more suitable to earlygame.
  • Fixed Hiding Fungi being able to multiply if shot with explosions.
  • Fixed Dead Tree being able to multiply if shot with explosions.
  • Added some additional drops to Bomb Carrier.
  • Added some additional drops to Demon Reaper.
  • Added some additional drops to King Charger.
  • Added some additional drops to Fungung.
  • Added some additional drops to Grobbler.
  • Added some additional drops to Stimulosus.


  • Fixed Emberstone Lamp's recipe not working.
  • Fixed Ghastly Lamp's recipe not working.

+ Added a recipe for Eyeball Log to planks.

  • Increased Metal Slug's recipe output from 4 to 8.
  • Changed the recipe for Grandsword.


  • Changed the Hive Minded advancement to use Hive Egg instead of Hive Chunk.


  • Heavily compressed all boss music to help reduce caching time and freezes on low-end hardware.


  • Changed texture for Tidal Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Goofy Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Subterranean Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Haunted Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Candy Blade.
  • Changed texture for Noxious Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Lyonic Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Crystal Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Cotton Crusher.
  • Changed texture for Knight's Guard.
  • Changed texture for Shroomic Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Lunar Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Millennium Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Shyre Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Royal Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Runic Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Creepoid Greatblade.
  • Changed texture for Grandsword.


  • Adjusted the price of Void Banners from Undead Herald to be more in line with other banners.
  • Adjusted the price of Bone Meal from Troll Traders.
  • Fixed Spectral Cage Spawn Chance's spelling in the config menu.
  • Adjusted the price of Energistic Tool trades in Primordial Spellbinder.
  • Enabled toast popups for Hunter Creatures for non-melee attacks.
  • Fixed Call of the Drake not appearing from fishing in L'Borean.
  • Fixed Utopian Armour not boosting xp gain properly.
  • Fixed some loot tables not generating certain items properly.
  • Fixed Crystal Lotto Overlook's crystal pillar being off-center.
  • Fixed Hive King not rendering properly in the bestiary.
  • Fixed Spectral Cage not spawning Spectral Wizards due to the neon lamps.
  • Fixed an alternate version of the Destroyed Store not generating.
  • Re-wrote the portal search & generation algorithms. On average, portal searching should be significantly faster at finding existing portals, and new portals should be generated much closer to the player's current coordinates.
  • Non-structure generations such as trees, plants, and bushes will no longer overwrite other blocks. This should prevent portals being destroyed on rare occasions when teleporting.
  • Significantly increased the chance of Ruined Teleporter Frames generating under villages.
  • AoA overworld traders will now occasionally spawn in villages.
  • Changed Creeponia's realmstone requirement to account for TnTs near the player or the creeper instead of just the creeper.
  • Disabled the leaderboard function. It was causing unnecessary lag on servers and for the time being it is not in use.
  • Changed the wording on the Vox Ponds Realmstone task.
  • Fixed unlocking infusion recipes in the crafting book from the infusion table.
  • Split up imbuing recipes and infusion recipes in the JEI interface for the Infusion Table.
  • Added some additional messages to the Kror spawn process to help with confusion.
  • Reduced price of banners from Undead Herald.
  • Fixed hunter creatures not dropping loot if the player does not have the required hunter level but is in creative mode.
  • Fixed Enigma Stations not spawning.