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Release date 26 January 2020[1]
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Previous version 3.2.2
Next version 3.2.4

3.2.3 is a minor update.

Additions[ | ]

Recipes[ | ]

  • Added a recipe for Knight Armor.

Third-Party Compatibility[ | ]

  • Added third-party-compatibility for the Enchantment Descriptions mod.

Changes[ | ]

Items[ | ]

  • Reduced Spectral Archergun's damage to 6.5 (♥×3.25)
  • Reduced Crystal Greatblade's AoE damage depending on the attack cooldown.

Entities[ | ]

  • Made trading NPCs more common.

Enchantments[ | ]

  • Adjusted Intervention to only have a 20% chance to remove itself when activated.

Other[ | ]

  • Disabled Rockrider's boulder spawning in Haven.
  • Stopped spectators from being able to attack with greatblades or mauls.
  • Removed support for attacking using a greatblade or maul with keyboard keys due to conflicts.
  • Added the mod's id as a prefix to enchantment names to prevent conflicts with other mods.
  • Lowered default spawn modifier of hostile mobs to 0.3.
  • Added a catch to prevent getting stuck in a portal loop at a dead-end dimension run.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed Runic Greatblade dealing more damage than it should.
  • Fixed Skellox and Irkling not spawning during full moons.
  • Fixed a bug causing Web Reapers to crash dedicated servers.
  • Fixed a bug causing traders to not spawn in certain dimensions based on their light levels.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes melee attacks would fail to hit.
  • Fixed Pixons not giving Luxon tribute when harvested.

References[ | ]