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Release date 25 January 2020[1]
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Previous version 3.2.1
Next version 3.2.3

3.2.2 is a minor update.



  • Added a gui specific to bankers. This allows easier converting of coins.


  • Added a recipe for shroom stone.
  • Added a recipe for the cup.
  • Added 2 recipes for grenades.
  • Removed the recipe for blank realmstones from the worn book.
  • Changed recipe for Nightmare bow to use reinforced cloth instead of torn cloth
  • Added recipes for all of the minion slabs (Except Corby, which is dropped in L'Borean).
  • Added recipes for the Skeletal tools.
  • Added a recipe for Infernal armour.
  • Added a recipe for Battleborn armour.



  • Increased the amount of durability damage Candy Blade takes when consumed.
  • Added a cooldown to Runic armour's set effect.
  • Made Nethengeic Callstone obtainable in survival.
  • Added a tooltip to Big Blast and Blissful blast to note their explosive properties.
  • The Worn Book now continues to give blank realmstones to the player if they don't already have one.
  • Rebalanced archerguns to be more in line with the rest of the weapons.
  • Changed Rosidian staff's description to better clarify its effect.
  • Changed the texture for construct of servility to match its new model.
  • Increased damage of Bloodfury slightly to 14 (♥×7) damage.


  • Reduced Peppermint Snail's knockback to 0.
  • Reduced Spearmint Snail's knockback to 0 and health to 25 (♥×12.5).
  • Removed the energy damage type from enemies to keep consistency for mob attacks.
  • Made roaming trader NPCs much more common.
  • Stopped Augury Master from spawning.
  • Removed Corallus spawn chance from Amphibiytes.
  • Increased Web reaper's looting buff when powered up.
  • Changed some chat lines from the Primordial Guide.
  • Added some extra drops to Infernal.
  • Changed the texture for Hellquin.
  • Changed the model for Construct of Servility.
  • Added ground friction to Anima Stones and Heartstones.


  • Removed the ability to repair items by their repair materials on mending tables. Anvils remain used for that.


  • Added support for the random page feature in /aoawiki.
  • Modified the Troll Trader gui to be easier to read.
  • Added Hunter xp to relevant bestiary entries.


  • Fixed Crystaneer crashing occasionally when killing an entity.
  • Fixed Distorting Artifact giving fall damage when activating and landing.
  • Fixed radiant infusion stones only giving 22xp instead of 220 when converting.
  • Fixed certain snipers not having their per-bullet effects activated.
  • Fixed confetti cannon and confetti cluster hitting enemies.
  • Fixed Millennium Greatblade's spelling.
  • Fixed Knight Armour activating regardless of HP status.
  • Fixed Firefly Staff infinitely replicating on big targets.
  • Fixed Runic Greatblade's magic damage hurting magic-immune enemies.
  • Fixed Skeletal Armour crashing on servers.
  • Fixed Predatorian Blaster not withering targets.
  • Fixed Runic Greatblade's magic damage not scaling with attack cooldown.
  • Fixed Selyan scythe healing the wrong amount.
  • Fixed Emberstone tools crashing when mining blocks with no drops.
  • Fixed Nethengeic Wither using its old drops.
  • Fixed Shadowlord using its old drops.
  • Fixed Ender Dragon not dropping anything from its AoA loot table.
  • Fixed Runicorn Rider spawning multiple Runicorns when hit.
  • Fixed the hitbox of all of the minion entities.
  • Fixed Web Reaper's numerous glitches with powering up.
  • Fixed Redstone ore not counting for Deeplands' Realmstone task.
  • Fixed Creeponia's Realmstone task not activating.
  • Fixed Gardencia mobs infinitely healing when in Candied Water.
  • Fixed the Abyss Realmstone task not working.
  • Fixed the Greckon Realmstone task not working properly in survival.
  • Fixed a crash from binding a non-standard button to the Advent Gui.
  • Fixed the Four Guardians music track ending when the first guardian is killed.
  • Fixed Surface-To-Air advancement completing inaccurately on mobs not touching the ground.
  • Fixed Mending Table consuming a whole stack of repair material.
  • Fixed Mending Table leaving a ghost item in the result slot after mending.
  • Fixed Runium Ore giving infinite XP when mined.
  • Fixed Extraction Device not giving items when on a server.
  • Fixed lamp blocks not dropping themselves when mined.
  • Fixed Mending Table having an unobtainable recipe.
  • Fixed the old Vulcane textures being present on the Token Trader GUI.
  • Fixed a glitch where some mods would make the background around the resources icons go black
  • Fixed certain mobs from not showing their hunter level in their bestiary entry