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Advent of Ascension Wiki
Advent of Ascension Wiki
Release date 23 April 2019
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Previous version 3.1
Next version 3.1.2

3.1.1 is a version that was released on 23 April 2019.[1]



  • Added 18 new advancements.
    • Blast Resistant
    • Defused
    • His Bigger, Badder Brother
    • I Like The Boom
    • Nethengeic Deliverance
    • Nethengeic Shutdown
    • Overheat
    • Oops..
    • Overkill, Schmoverkill
    • Winner, Winner!
    • Party Time!
    • Heckfire
    • Living On The Edge
    • Should Be A Plumber
    • Should Be A Mechanic
    • Activated My Trap Card
    • Bullseye!
  • Added missing title and description for 200 IQ advancement
  • Added some failover checks for event deactivations in the event of servers skipping ticks
  • Added some additional checks for account legitimacy for accuracy


  • Added the cooking recipe for charger shanks



  • Changed help tab gui link to chinese wiki if on chinese language
  • Cleaned up the event names a bit in the aoaevent command feedback
  • Changed tribute and event reset for overworld to on wake up instead of on sleep
  • Hid in-game resource GUI while in spectator mode
  • Improved appearance and eliminated artifacts for various texts while using a unicode font


  • Crystallanium, Emberium, Skeletanium, and Shadonantium no longer work as beacons


  • Changed up Amphibiyte pathfinding a bit to hopefully fix a few issues
  • Gave Corallus' projectiles just a little bit more speed


  • Fixed Actually Half Way There advancement not completing
  • Fixed extraction device acting weird with placing blocks when it's lit
  • Fixed yet another issue blocking creeponia ores from spawning
  • Fixed yet another bug with Mechbot causing him to not jump
  • Fixed Radiant Pixon dropping Blooming Infusion Stones
  • Fixed clicking on the scrollbar in the guides tab opening a topic
  • Fixed not being able to click on guides low on the list
  • Fixed incorrect completion percentage for creation and soul in the ingame gui
  • Fixed mob overhead icons going dark when looking down on them
  • Fixed cutoff text on Used Dragon Rage advancement
  • Fixed theme button initially showing 'default' instead of 'Default' when first opening
  • Fixed /aoaevent giving errors and failing
  • Fixed missing usage text for /aoaskill removelevel
  • Further fixed some event timing stuff (Github issue #586)