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The following page lists all of the texture changes between the versions Tslat 1.1.3 and 3.0.

Block textures[edit | edit source]

Banners[edit | edit source]

Block New texture Old texture
Ancient Banner Ancient Banner.png Ancient Banner 1.7.10.png
Dustopian Banner Dustopian Banner.png Dustopian Banner 1.7.10.png
Gingerbread Banner Gingerbread Banner.png Gingerbread Banner 1.7.10.png
Haunted Banner Haunted Banner.png Haunted Banner 1.7.10.png
Illusion Banner Illusion Banner.png Illusion Banner 1.7.10.png
Nethengeic Banner Nethengeic Banner.png Nethengeic Banner 1.7.10.png
Sea Banner Sea Banner.png Sea Banner 1.7.10.png
Selyan Banner Selyan Banner.png Selyan Banner 1.7.10.png
Shadow Banner Shadow Banner.png Shadow Banner 1.7.10.png
Skeletal Banner Skeletal Banner.png Skeletal Banner 1.7.10.png
Utopian Banner Utopian Banner.png Utopian Banner 1.7.10.png

Misc blocks[edit | edit source]

Block New texture Old texture
Bulb Stock Bulb Stock.png Bulb Stock 1.7.10.png
Eye Bulb Plant 32px 32px
Vein Leaves Vein Leaves.png 32px

Item textures[edit | edit source]

Armor textures[edit | edit source]

Item New texture Old texture
Achelos Diving Helmet Achelos Diving Helmet.png Achelos Diving Helmet 1.7.10.png
Alacrity Boots Alacrity Boots.png Alacrity Boots 1.7.10.png
Alacrity Chestplate Alacrity Chestplate.png Alacrity Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Alacrity Helmet Alacrity Helmet.png Alacrity Helmet 1.7.10.png
Alacrity Leggings Alacrity Leggings.png Alacrity Leggings 1.7.10.png
Amethind Boots Amethind Boots.png Amethind Boots 1.7.10.png
Amethind Chestplate Amethind Chestplate.png Amethind Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Amethind Helmet Amethind Helmet.png Amethind Helmet 1.7.10.png
Amethind Leggings Amethind Leggings.png Amethind Leggings 1.7.10.png
Anima Boots Anima Boots.png Anima Boots 1.7.10.png
Anima Chestplate Anima Chestplate.png Anima Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Anima Helmet Anima Helmet.png Anima Helmet 1.7.10.png
Anima Leggings Anima Leggings.png Anima Leggings 1.7.10.png
Archaic Boots Archaic Boots.png Archaic Boots 1.7.10.png
Archaic Chestplate Archaic Chestplate.png Archaic Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Archaic Helmet Archaic Helmet.png Archaic Helmet 1.7.10.png
Archaic Leggings Archaic Leggings.png Archaic Leggings 1.7.10.png
Augury Boots Augury Boots.png Augury Boots 1.7.10.png
Augury Chestplate Augury Chestplate.png Augury Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Augury Helmet Augury Helmet.png Augury Helmet 1.7.10.png
Augury Leggings Augury Leggings.png Augury Leggings 1.7.10.png
Baron Boots Baron Boots.png Baron Boots 1.7.10.png
Baron Chestplate Baron Chestplate.png Baron Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Baron Helmet Baron Helmet.png Baron Helmet 1.7.10.png
Baron Leggings Baron Leggings.png Baron Leggings 1.7.10.png
Battleborn Boots Battleborn Boots.png Battleborn Boots 1.7.10.png
Battleborn Chestplate Battleborn Chestplate.png Battleborn Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Battleborn Helmet Battleborn Helmet.png Battleborn Helmet 1.7.10.png
Battleborn Leggings Battleborn Leggings.png Battleborn Leggings 1.7.10.png
Biogenic Boots Biogenic Boots.png Biogenic Boots 1.7.10.png
Biogenic Chestplate Biogenic Chestplate.png Biogenic Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Biogenic Helmet Biogenic Helmet.png Biogenic Helmet 1.7.10.png
Biogenic Leggings Biogenic Leggings.png Biogenic Leggings 1.7.10.png
Boreic Boots Boreic Boots.png Boreic Boots 1.7.10.png
Boreic Chestplate Boreic Chestplate.png Boreic Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Boreic Helmet Boreic Helmet.png Boreic Helmet 1.7.10.png
Boreic Leggings Boreic Leggings.png Boreic Leggings 1.7.10.png
Butchery Boots Butchery Boots.png Butchery Boots 1.7.10.png
Butchery Chestplate Butchery Chestplate.png Butchery Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Butchery Helmet Butchery Helmet.png Butchery Helmet 1.7.10.png
Butchery Leggings Butchery Leggings.png Butchery Leggings 1.7.10.png
Candy Boots Candy Boots.png Candy Boots 1.7.10.png
Candy Chestplate Candy Chestplate.png Candy Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Candy Helmet Candy Helmet.png Candy Helmet 1.7.10.png
Candy Leggings Candy Leggings.png Candy Leggings 1.7.10.png
Commander Boots Commander Boots.png Commander Boots 1.7.10.png
Commander Chestplate Commander Chestplate.png Commander Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Commander Helmet Commander Helmet.png Commander Helmet 1.7.10.png
Commander Leggings Commander Leggings.png Commander Leggings 1.7.10.png
Creation Boots Creation Boots.png Creation Boots 1.7.10.png
Creation Chestplate Creation Chestplate.png Creation Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Creation Helmet Creation Helmet.png Creation Helmet 1.7.10.png
Creation Leggings Creation Leggings.png Creation Leggings 1.7.10.png
Crystallis Boots Crystallis Boots.png Crystallis Boots 1.7.10.png
Crystallis Chestplate Crystallis Chestplate.png Crystallis Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Crystallis Helmet Crystallis Helmet.png Crystallis Helmet 1.7.10.png
Crystallis Leggings Crystallis Leggings.png Crystallis Leggings 1.7.10.png
Elecanyte Boots Elecanyte Boots.png Elecanyte Boots 1.7.10.png
Elecanyte Chestplate Elecanyte Chestplate.png Elecanyte Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Elecanyte Helmet Elecanyte Helmet.png Elecanyte Helmet 1.7.10.png
Elecanyte Leggings Elecanyte Leggings.png Elecanyte Leggings 1.7.10.png
Embrodium Boots Embrodium Boots.png Embrodium Boots 1.7.10.png
Embrodium Chestplate Embrodium Chestplate.png Embrodium Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Embrodium Helmet Embrodium Helmet.png Embrodium Helmet 1.7.10.png
Embrodium Leggings Embrodium Leggings.png Embrodium Leggings 1.7.10.png
Exoplate Boots Exoplate Boots.png Exoplate Boots 1.7.10.png
Exoplate Chestplate Exoplate Chestplate.png Exoplate Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Exoplate Helmet Exoplate Helmet.png Exoplate Helmet 1.7.10.png
Exoplate Leggings Exoplate Leggings.png Exoplate Leggings 1.7.10.png
Expedition Boots Expedition Boots.png Expedition Boots 1.7.10.png
Expedition Chestplate Expedition Chestplate.png Expedition Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Expedition Helmet Expedition Helmet.png Expedition Helmet 1.7.10.png
Expedition Leggings Expedition Leggings.png Expedition Leggings 1.7.10.png
Explosive Boots Explosive Boots.png Explosive Boots 1.7.10.png
Explosive Chestplate Explosive Chestplate.png Explosive Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Explosive Helmet Explosive Helmet.png Explosive Helmet 1.7.10.png
Explosive Leggings Explosive Leggings.png Explosive Leggings 1.7.10.png
Extraction Boots Extraction Boots.png Extraction Boots 1.7.10.png
Extraction Chestplate Extraction Chestplate.png Extraction Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Extraction Helmet Extraction Helmet.png Extraction Helmet 1.7.10.png
Extraction Leggings Extraction Leggings.png Extraction Leggings 1.7.10.png
Foraging Boots Foraging Boots.png Foraging Boots 1.7.10.png
Foraging Chestplate Foraging Chestplate.png Foraging Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Foraging Helmet Foraging Helmet.png Foraging Helmet 1.7.10.png
Foraging Leggings Foraging Leggings.png Foraging Leggings 1.7.10.png
Fungal Boots Fungal Boots.png Fungal Boots 1.7.10.png
Fungal Chestplate Fungal Chestplate.png Fungal Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Fungal Helmet Fungal Helmet.png Fungal Helmet 1.7.10.png
Fungal Leggings Fungal Leggings.png Fungal Leggings 1.7.10.png
Ghastly Boots Ghastly Boots.png Ghastly Boots 1.7.10.png
Ghastly Chestplate Ghastly Chestplate.png Ghastly Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Ghastly Helmet Ghastly Helmet.png Ghastly Helmet 1.7.10.png
Ghastly Leggings Ghastly Leggings.png Ghastly Leggings 1.7.10.png
Ghoulish Boots Ghoulish Boots.png Ghoulish Boots 1.7.10.png
Ghoulish Chestplate Ghoulish Chestplate.png Ghoulish Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Ghoulish Helmet Ghoulish Helmet.png Ghoulish Helmet 1.7.10.png
Ghoulish Leggings Ghoulish Leggings.png Ghoulish Leggings 1.7.10.png
Hauling Boots Hauling Boots.png Hauling Boots 1.7.10.png
Hauling Chestplate Hauling Chestplate.png Hauling Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Hauling Helmet Hauling Helmet.png Hauling Helmet 1.7.10.png
Hauling Leggings Hauling Leggings.png Hauling Leggings 1.7.10.png
Hazmat Boots Hazmat Boots.png Hazmat Boots 1.7.10.png
Hazmat Chestplate Hazmat Chestplate.png Hazmat Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Hazmat Helmet Hazmat Helmet.png Hazmat Helmet 1.7.10.png
Hazmat Leggings Hazmat Leggings.png Hazmat Leggings 1.7.10.png
Hunter Boots Hunter Boots.png Hunter Boots 1.7.10.png
Hunter Chestplate Hunter Chestplate.png Hunter Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Hunter Helmet Hunter Helmet.png Hunter Helmet 1.7.10.png
Hunter Leggings Hunter Leggings.png Hunter Leggings 1.7.10.png
Hydrangic Boots Hydrangic Boots.png Hydrangic Boots 1.7.10.png
Hydrangic Chestplate Hydrangic Chestplate.png Hydrangic Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Hydrangic Helmet Hydrangic Helmet.png Hydrangic Helmet 1.7.10.png
Hydrangic Leggings Hydrangic Leggings.png Hydrangic Leggings 1.7.10.png
Hydroplate Boots Hydroplate Boots.png Hydroplate Boots 1.7.10.png
Hydroplate Chestplate Hydroplate Chestplate.png Hydroplate Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Hydroplate Helmet Hydroplate Helmet.png Hydroplate Helmet 1.7.10.png
Hydroplate Leggings Hydroplate Leggings.png Hydroplate Leggings 1.7.10.png
Ice Boots Ice Boots.png Ice Boots 1.7.10.png
Ice Chestplate Ice Chestplate.png Ice Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Ice Helmet Ice Helmet.png Ice Helmet 1.7.10.png
Ice Leggings Ice Leggings.png Ice Leggings 1.7.10.png
Infernal Boots Infernal Boots.png Infernal Boots 1.7.10.png
Infernal Chestplate Infernal Chestplate.png Infernal Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Infernal Helmet Infernal Helmet.png Infernal Helmet 1.7.10.png
Infernal Leggings Infernal Leggings.png Infernal Leggings 1.7.10.png
Infusion Boots Infusion Boots.png Infusion Boots 1.7.10.png
Infusion Chestplate Infusion Chestplate.png Infusion Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Infusion Helmet Infusion Helmet.png Infusion Helmet 1.7.10.png
Infusion Leggings Infusion Leggings.png Infusion Leggings 1.7.10.png
Innervation Boots Innervation Boots.png Innervation Boots 1.7.10.png
Innervation Chestplate Innervation Chestplate.png Innervation Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Innervation Helmet Innervation Helmet.png Innervation Helmet 1.7.10.png
Innervation Leggings Innervation Leggings.png Innervation Leggings 1.7.10.png
Knight's Boots 32px Knight's Boots 1.7.10.png
Knight's Chestplate 32px Knight's Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Knight's Helmet 32px Knight's Helmet 1.7.10.png
Knight's Leggings 32px Knight's Leggings 1.7.10.png
Logging Boots Logging Boots.png Logging Boots 1.7.10.png
Logging Chestplate Logging Chestplate.png Logging Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Logging Helmet Logging Helmet.png Logging Helmet 1.7.10.png
Logging Leggings Logging Leggings.png Logging Leggings 1.7.10.png
Lunar Boots Lunar Boots.png Lunar Boots 1.7.10.png
Lunar Chestplate Lunar Chestplate.png Lunar Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Lunar Helmet Lunar Helmet.png Lunar Helmet 1.7.10.png
Lunar Leggings Lunar Leggings.png Lunar Leggings 1.7.10.png
Lyndamyte Boots Lyndamyte Boots.png Lyndamyte Boots 1.7.10.png
Lyndamyte Chestplate Lyndamyte Chestplate.png Lyndamyte Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Lyndamyte Helmet Lyndamyte Helmet.png Lyndamyte Helmet 1.7.10.png
Lyndamyte Leggings Lyndamyte Leggings.png Lyndamyte Leggings 1.7.10.png
Lyonic Boots Lyonic Boots.png Lyonic Boots 1.7.10.png
Lyonic Chestplate Lyonic Chestplate.png Lyonic Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Lyonic Helmet Lyonic Helmet.png Lyonic Helmet 1.7.10.png
Lyonic Leggings Lyonic Leggings.png Lyonic Leggings 1.7.10.png
Mercurial Boots Mercurial Boots.png Mercurial Boots 1.7.10.png
Mercurial Chestplate Mercurial Chestplate.png Mercurial Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Mercurial Helmet Mercurial Helmet.png Mercurial Helmet 1.7.10.png
Mercurial Leggings Mercurial Leggings.png Mercurial Leggings 1.7.10.png
Necro Boots Necro Boots.png Necro Boots 1.7.10.png
Necro Chestplate Necro Chestplate.png Necro Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Necro Helmet Necro Helmet.png Necro Helmet 1.7.10.png
Necro Leggings Necro Leggings.png Necro Leggings 1.7.10.png
Nethengeic Boots Nethengeic Boots.png Nethengeic Boots 1.7.10.png
Nethengeic Chestplate Nethengeic Chestplate.png Nethengeic Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Nethengeic Helmet Nethengeic Helmet.png Nethengeic Helmet 1.7.10.png
Nethengeic Leggings Nethengeic Leggings.png Nethengeic Leggings 1.7.10.png
Nightmare Boots Nightmare Boots.png Nightmare Boots 1.7.10.png
Nightmare Chestplate Nightmare Chestplate.png Nightmare Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Nightmare Helmet Nightmare Helmet.png Nightmare Helmet 1.7.10.png
Nightmare Leggings Nightmare Leggings.png Nightmare Leggings 1.7.10.png
Oceanus Diving Helmet Oceanus Diving Helmet.png Oceanus Diving Helmet 1.7.10.png
Omni Boots Omni Boots.png Omni Boots 1.7.10.png
Omni Chestplate Omni Chestplate.png Omni Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Omni Helmet Omni Helmet.png Omni Helmet 1.7.10.png
Omni Leggings Omni Leggings.png Omni Leggings 1.7.10.png
Phantasm Boots Phantasm Boots.png Phantasm Boots 1.7.10.png
Phantasm Chestplate Phantasm Chestplate.png Phantasm Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Phantasm Helmet Phantasm Helmet.png Phantasm Helmet 1.7.10.png
Phantasm Leggings Phantasm Leggings.png Phantasm Leggings 1.7.10.png
Poison Boots Poison Boots.png Poison Boots 1.7.10.png
Poison Chestplate Poison Chestplate.png Poison Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Poison Helmet Poison Helmet.png Poison Helmet 1.7.10.png
Poison Leggings Poison Leggings.png Poison Leggings 1.7.10.png
Predatious Boots Predatious Boots.png Predatious Boots 1.7.10.png
Predatious Chestplate Predatious Chestplate.png Predatious Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Predatious Helmet Predatious Helmet.png Predatious Helmet 1.7.10.png
Predatious Leggings Predatious Leggings.png Predatious Leggings 1.7.10.png
Primordial Boots Primordial Boots.png Primordial Boots 1.7.10.png
Primordial Chestplate Primordial Chestplate.png Primordial Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Primordial Helmet Primordial Helmet.png Primordial Helmet 1.7.10.png
Primordial Leggings Primordial Leggings.png Primordial Leggings 1.7.10.png
Purity Boots Purity Boots.png Purity Boots 1.7.10.png
Purity Chestplate Purity Chestplate.png Purity Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Purity Helmet Purity Helmet.png Purity Helmet 1.7.10.png
Purity Leggings Purity Leggings.png Purity Leggings 1.7.10.png
Rockbone Boots Rockbone Boots.png Rockbone Boots 1.7.10.png
Rockbone Chestplate Rockbone Chestplate.png Rockbone Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Rockbone Helmet Rockbone Helmet.png Rockbone Helmet 1.7.10.png
Rockbone Leggings Rockbone Leggings.png Rockbone Leggings 1.7.10.png
Rosidian Boots Rosidian Boots.png Rosidian Boots 1.7.10.png
Rosidian Chestplate Rosidian Chestplate.png Rosidian Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Rosidian Helmet Rosidian Helmet.png Rosidian Helmet 1.7.10.png
Rosidian Leggings Rosidian Leggings.png Rosidian Leggings 1.7.10.png
Runation Boots Runation Boots.png Runation Boots 1.7.10.png
Runation Chestplate Runation Chestplate.png Runation Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Runation Helmet Runation Helmet.png Runation Helmet 1.7.10.png
Runation Leggings Runation Leggings.png Runation Leggings 1.7.10.png
Runic Boots Runic Boots.png Runic Boots 1.7.10.png
Runic Chestplate Runic Chestplate.png Runic Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Runic Helmet Runic Helmet.png Runic Helmet 1.7.10.png
Runic Leggings Runic Leggings.png Runic Leggings 1.7.10.png
Sealord Diving Helmet Sealord Diving Helmet.png Sealord Diving Helmet 1.7.10.png
Sharpshot Boots Sharpshot Boots.png Sharpshot Boots 1.7.10.png
Sharpshot Chestplate Sharpshot Chestplate.png Sharpshot Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Sharpshot Helmet Sharpshot Helmet.png Sharpshot Helmet 1.7.10.png
Sharpshot Leggings Sharpshot Leggings.png Sharpshot Leggings 1.7.10.png
Skeletal Boots Skeletal Boots.png Skeletal Boots 1.7.10.png
Skeletal Chestplate Skeletal Chestplate.png Skeletal Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Skeletal Helmet Skeletal Helmet.png Skeletal Helmet 1.7.10.png
Skeletal Leggings Skeletal Leggings.png Skeletal Leggings 1.7.10.png
SpaceKing Boots 32px SpaceKing Boots 1.7.10.png
SpaceKing Chestplate 32px SpaceKing Chestplate 1.7.10.png
SpaceKing Helmet 32px SpaceKing Helmet 1.7.10.png
SpaceKing Leggings 32px SpaceKing Leggings 1.7.10.png
Speed Boots Speed Boots.png Speed Boots 1.7.10.png
Speed Chestplate Speed Chestplate.png Speed Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Speed Helmet Speed Helmet.png Speed Helmet 1.7.10.png
Speed Leggings Speed Leggings.png Speed Leggings 1.7.10.png
Subterranean Boots Subterranean Boots.png Subterranean Boots 1.7.10.png
Subterranean Chestplate Subterranean Chestplate.png Subterranean Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Subterranean Helmet Subterranean Helmet.png Subterranean Helmet 1.7.10.png
Subterranean Leggings Subterranean Leggings.png Subterranean Leggings 1.7.10.png
Utopian Boots Utopian Boots.png Utopian Boots 1.7.10.png
Utopian Chestplate Utopian Chestplate.png Utopian Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Utopian Helmet Utopian Helmet.png Utopian Helmet 1.7.10.png
Utopian Leggings Utopian Leggings.png Utopian Leggings 1.7.10.png
Void Boots Void Boots.png Void Boots 1.7.10.png
Void Chestplate Void Chestplate.png Void Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Void Helmet Void Helmet.png Void Helmet 1.7.10.png
Void Leggings Void Leggings.png Void Leggings 1.7.10.png
Vulcanism Boots Vulcanism Boots.png Vulcanism Boots 1.7.10.png
Vulcanism Chestplate Vulcanism Chestplate.png Vulcanism Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Vulcanism Helmet Vulcanism Helmet.png Vulcanism Helmet 1.7.10.png
Vulcanism Leggings Vulcanism Leggings.png Vulcanism Leggings 1.7.10.png
Weaken Boots Weaken Boots.png Weaken Boots 1.7.10.png
Weaken Chestplate Weaken Chestplate.png Weaken Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Weaken Helmet Weaken Helmet.png Weaken Helmet 1.7.10.png
Weaken Leggings Weaken Leggings.png Weaken Leggings 1.7.10.png
Wither Boots Wither Boots.png Wither Boots 1.7.10.png
Wither Chestplate Wither Chestplate.png Wither Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Wither Helmet Wither Helmet.png Wither Helmet 1.7.10.png
Wither Leggings Wither Leggings.png Wither Leggings 1.7.10.png
Zargonite Boots Zargonite Boots.png Zargonite Boots 1.7.10.png
Zargonite Chestplate Zargonite Chestplate.png Zargonite Chestplate 1.7.10.png
Zargonite Helmet Zargonite Helmet.png Zargonite Helmet 1.7.10.png
Zargonite Leggings Zargonite Leggings.png Zargonite Leggings 1.7.10.png

Item textures[edit | edit source]

Item New texture Old texture
Abyssal Upgrade Kit Abyssal Upgrade Kit.png Abyssal Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Ambient Power Stone Ambient Power Stone.png Ambient Infusion Stone.png
Ancient Orb Ancient Orb.png Ancient Orb 1.7.10.png
Ancient Upgrade Kit Ancient Upgrade Kit.png Ancient Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Apoco Upgrade Kit Apoco Upgrade Kit.png Apoco Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Blooming Power Stone Blooming Power Stone.png Blooming Infusion Stone.png
Book of Shadows Book of Shadows.png Book of Shadows 1.7.10.png
Cannonball Cannonball.png Cannonball 1.7.10.png
Clown Upgrade Kit Clown Upgrade Kit.png Clown Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Coral Stone Coral Stone.png Coral Stone 1.7.10.png
Darkly Powder Darkly Powder.png Darkly Powder 1.7.10.png
Darkly Upgrade Kit Darkly Upgrade Kit.png Darkly Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Desert Shell Desert Shell.png Desert Shell 1.7.10.png
Diamond Bowl Diamond Bowl.png Diamond Bowl 1.7.10.png
Eye Bulb Eye Bulb.png Eye Bulb 1.7.10.png
Eye Candy Eye Candy.png Eye Candy 1.7.10.png
Floro Upgrade Kit Floro Upgrade Kit.png Floro Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Footbone Fragment Footbone Fragment.png Footbone Fragment 1.7.10.png
Ghostly Powder Ghostly Powder.png Ghostly Powder 1.7.10.png
Ghoulasm Ghoulasm.png Ghoulasm 1.7.10.png
Glaring Power Stone Glaring Power Stone.png Glaring Infusion Stone.png
Gleaming Power Stone Gleaming Power Stone.png Gleaming Infusion Stone.png
Glistening Power Stone Glistening Power Stone.png Glistening Infusion Stone.png
Glowing Power Stone Glowing Power Stone.png Glowing Infusion Stone.png
Golden Upgrade Kit Golden Upgrade Kit.png Golden Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Haunted Idol Haunted Idol.png Haunted Idol 1.7.10.png
Haunted Upgrade Kit Haunted Upgrade Kit.png Haunted Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Heart Fruit Heart Fruit.png Heart Fruit 1.7.10.png
Heavy Boulder Heavy Boulder.png Heavy Boulder 1.7.10.png
Hive Chunk Hive Chunk.png Hive Chunk 1.7.10.png
Ice Crystal Ice Crystal.png Ice Crystal 1.7.10.png
Incomplete Mechanical Assault Rifle 32px Mechanical Assault Rifle.png
Incomplete Mechyro 32px Mechyro.png
Incomplete Mecha Archergun 32px Mecha Archergun.png
Incomplete Mecha Bow Incomplete Mecha Bow.png Mecha Bow.png
Incomplete Mecha Cannon 32px Mecha Cannon.png
Incomplete Mecha Staff 32px Mecha Staff.png
Ivory Ivory.png Ivory 1.7.10.png
Jungle Thorns Jungle Thorns.png Jungle Thorns 1.7.10.png
Lelyetian Upgrade Kit Lelyetian Upgrade Kit.png Lelyetian Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Light Upgrade Kit Light Upgrade Kit.png Light Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Lunar Upgrade Kit Lunar Upgrade Kit.png Lunar Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Magic Mending Compound Magic Mending Compound.png Magic Mending Compound 1.7.10.png
Metal Slug Metal Slug.png Metal Slug 1.7.10.png
Nethengeic Callstone Nethengeic Callstone.png Nethengeic Callstone 1.7.10.png
Nether Upgrade Kit Nether Upgrade Kit.png Nether Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Nightmare Flakes Nightmare Flakes.png Nightmare Flakes 1.7.10.png
Old Boot Old Boot.png Old Boot 1.7.10.png
Phantasm Phantasm.png Phantasm 1.7.10.png
Precasian Upgrade Kit Precasian Upgrade Kit.png Precasian Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Predator Upgrade Kit Predator Upgrade Kit.png Predator Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Primed Ghoulasm Primed Ghoulasm.png Primed Ghoulasm 1.7.10.png
Primordial Dust Primordial Dust.png Primordial Dust 1.7.10.png
Primordial Skull Primordial Skull.png Primordial Skull 1.7.10.png
Radiant Power Stone Radiant Power Stone.png Radiant Infusion Stone.png
Realm Travel Ticket Realm Travel Ticket.png Realm Travel Ticket 1.7.10.png
Rocky Upgrade Kit Rocky Upgrade Kit.png Rocky Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Runic Upgrade Kit Fungal Upgrade Kit.png Runic Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Scream Shield Scream Shield.png Scream Shield 1.7.10.png
Seaside Upgrade Kit Seaside Upgrade Kit.png Seaside Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Shining Power Stone Shining Power Stone.png Shining Infusion Stone.png
Small Blue Petal Small Blue Petal.png Small Blue Petal 1.7.10.png
Small Green Petal Small Green Petal.png Small Green Petal 1.7.10.png
Small Orange Petal Small Orange Petal.png Small Orange Petal 1.7.10.png
Small Purple Petal Small Purple Petal.png Small Purple Petal 1.7.10.png
Small Red Petal Small Red Petal.png Small Red Petal 1.7.10.png
Smiley Upgrade Kit Smiley Upgrade Kit.png Smiley Upgrade Kit 1.7.10.png
Stone Bowl Stone Bowl.png Stone Bowl 1.7.10.png
Troll Idol Troll Idol.png Troll Idol 1.7.10.png
Voliant Heart Voliant Heart.png Voliant Heart 1.7.10.png
Waterlogged Aqua Cannon 32px Aqua Cannon.png
Waterlogged Coral Archergun 32px Coral Archergun.png
Waterlogged Coral Cannon 32px Coral Cannon.png
Waterlogged Coral Clogger 32px Coral Clogger 1.7.10.png
Waterlogged Reefer 32px Reefer.png
Weapon Parts Weapon Parts.png Weapon Parts 1.7.10.png

Weapon textures[edit | edit source]

Sword New Texture Old Texture
Baron Sword Baron Sword.png Baron Sword 1.7.10.png
Coralstone Maul Coralstone Maul.png Coralstone Sword.png
Crystal Maul Crystal Maul.png Crystal Maul 1.7.10.png
Horizon Maul Horizon Maul.png Horizon Maul 1.7.10.png
Illusion Sword Illusion Sword.png Illusion Sword 1.7.10.png
Nethengeic Sword Nethengeic Sword.png Nethengeic Sword 1.7.10.png
Rock-Pick Sword Rock-Pick Sword.png Rock-Pick Sword 1.7.10.png
Runic Sword Runic Sword.png Runic Sword 1.7.10.png
Shadow Sword Shadow Sword.png Shadow Sword 1.7.10.png
Greatblade New texture Old texture
Erebon Scythe Erebon Scythe.png Erebon Scythe 1.7.10.png
Luxon Scythe Luxon Scythe.png Luxon Scythe 1.7.10.png
Pluton Scythe Pluton Scythe.png Pluton Scythe 1.7.10.png
Selyan Scythe Selyan Scythe.png Selyan Scythe 1.7.10.png
Gun New texture Old texture
Apoco Rifle Apoco Rifle.png Apoco Rifle 1.7.10.png
Bayonette Rifle Bayonette Rifle.png Bayonette Rifle 1.7.10.png
Chain Wrecker Chain Wrecker.png Chain Wrecker 1.7.10.png
Construct Construct.png Construct 1.7.10.png
Coral Clogger Coral Clogger.png Coral Clogger 1.7.10.png
Dart Gun Dart Gun.png Dart Gun 1.7.10.png
Discharge Rifle Discharge Rifle.png Discharge Rifle 1.7.10.png
Dragilator Dragilator.png Dragilator 1.7.10.png
Electinator Electinator.png Electinator 1.7.10.png
Flame Wrecker Flame Wrecker.png Flame Wrecker 1.7.10.png
Frosticator Frosticator.png Frosticator 1.7.10.png
Germinator Germinator.png Germinator 1.7.10.png
Ginger Blaster Ginger Blaster.png Ginger Blaster 1.7.10.png
Hiver Hiver.png Hiver 1.7.10.png
Hunter's Rifle Hunter's Rifle.png Hunter's Rifle 1.7.10.png
Krilinator Krilinator.png Krilinator 1.7.10.png
Nethenette Rifle Nethenette Rifle.png Nethenette Rifle 1.7.10.png
Nethengeic Slugger Nethengeic Slugger.png Nethengeic Slugger 1.7.10.png
Precasian Slugger Precasian Slugger.png Precasian Slugger 1.7.10.png
Skullette Skullette.png Skullette 1.7.10.png
Skullifact Skullifact.png Skullifact 1.7.10.png
Spine Gun Spine Gun.png Spine Gun 1.7.10.png
Squad Gun Squad Gun.png Squad Gun 1.7.10.png
Wart Gun Wart Gun.png Wart Gun 1.7.10.png
Shotgun New texture Old texture
Blue Barrel Blue Barrel.png Blue Barrel 1.7.10.png
Brown Blaster Brown Blaster.png Brown Blaster 1.7.10.png
Discharge Shotgun Discharge Shotgun.png Discharge Shotgun 1.7.10.png
Purple Punisher Purple Punisher.png Purple Punisher 1.7.10.png
Red Rocket Red Rocket.png Red Rocket 1.7.10.png
Sniper New texture Old texture
Discharge Sniper Discharge Sniper.png Discharge Sniper 1.7.10.png
Cannon New texture Old texture
Ancient Bomber Ancient Bomber.png Ancient Bomber 1.7.10.png
Ancient Discharger Ancient Discharger.png Ancient Discharger 1.7.10.png
Boom Cannon Boom Cannon.png Boom Cannon 1.7.10.png
Clown Cannon Clown Cannon.png Clown Cannon 1.7.10.png
Discharge Cannon Discharge Cannon.png Discharge Cannon 1.7.10.png
Blaster New texture Old texture
Apoco Shower Apoco Shower.png Apoco Shower 1.7.10.png
Bee Blaster Bee Blaster.png Bee Blaster 1.7.10.png
Color Cannon Colour Cannon.png Color Cannon 1.7.10.png
Illusion Revolver Illusion Revolver.png Illusion Revolver 1.7.10.png
Illusion SMG Illusion SMG.png Illusion SMG 1.7.10.png
Light Blaster Light Blaster.png Light Blaster 1.7.10.png
Mind Blaster Mind Blaster.png Mind Blaster 1.7.10.png
Orbocron Orb-O-Cron.png Orbocron 1.7.10.png
Sea-O-Cron Sea-O-Cron.png Sea-O-Cron 1.7.10.png
Spirit Shower Spirit Shower.png Spirit Shower 1.7.10.png
Skullo Blaster Skullo Blaster.png Skullo Blaster 1.7.10.png
Wither's Wrath Wither's Wrath.png Wither's Wrath 1.7.10.png
Throwable New texture Old texture
Goo Ball Goo Ball.png Goo Ball 1.7.10.png