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This wiki is currently being updated to 1.18.2+ versions of the mod. If you are struggling to find information regarding 1.16.5 AoA, or are curious as to why 1.18.2+ versions are being released incomplete, please check out this page.


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Release date 24 February 2024
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Previous version 1.20.4-3.7.4
Next version 1.20.4-3.7.6

1.20.4-3.7.5 is a release of the mod for 1.20.4.

With this release, AoA now requires a minimum of NeoForge 20.4.167, as this is the first stable build of NeoForge for 1.20.4.

Changes[ | ]

Other[ | ]

  • Added a Raw Charger Shank trade to the Butcher villager profession
  • Made Power Stones significantly more likely from Pixons

Textures[ | ]

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed Energy Stones showing in JEI's information tooltip as a broken locale
  • Fixed some imbuing unlocks having broken names
  • Fixed Attuning Bowl not positioning itself
  • Fixed Energy Stones giving ridiculous amounts of xp
  • Fixed Frame Bench not working
  • Fixed Helm of the Ritualist not being positioned correctly
  • Fixed the miscoloured Power/Energy stones
  • Fixed Lottoman despawning himself too easily in other dimensions
  • Fixed AoA wood door & trapdoor recipes giving the wrong amount
  • Fixed Torn Pages not opening when used
  • Fixed splitting mobs (slimes, magma cubes) from evading the spawner marker
  • Fixed Nether Wart not counting for XP in Farming.
  • Fixed Imbuing not allowing re-enchanting of enchanted items
  • Fixed Opteryx Eggs being able to consume food
  • Fixed Ambient Power Stone being tagged as an energy stone
  • Fixed the 'too far' message on the Nowhere Boss Altar being broken
  • Fixed AoA's wooden planks stairs not being tagged as wooden stairs and thus not being burnable as furnace fuel
  • Fixed Pixons not acting properly if harvesting with a full inventory
  • Fixed Pixon age not persisting through restarts
  • Fixed Infusion Table not consuming ingredients while quick-crafting the result
  • Fixed the Worn Book Patchouli entry only listing 3 carved runes
  • Fixed player health being reset on login
  • Fixed Hauling entities not despawning after exiting and reentering the world
  • Fixed Electron Maul's effect not working properly
  • Fixed Dead Tree not hiding particularly well
  • Fixed some issues with the Breeding Bonus Farming ability
  • Fixed Hardened Parapiranha facing the wrong way
  • Fixed a crash that happens when the configs are reloaded on a dedicated server
  • Fixed Snowy Chargers being overridden by Sea Chargers