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This wiki is currently being updated to 1.18.2+ versions of the mod. If you are struggling to find information regarding 1.16.5 AoA, or are curious as to why 1.18.2+ versions are being released incomplete, please check out this page.


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Release date 21 September 2023[1]
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Previous version 1.20.1-3.6.30
Next version 1.20.1-3.7

1.20.1-3.6.31 is the fifth release for 1.20.1.

Additions[ | ]

Entities[ | ]

Blocks[ | ]

Other[ | ]

  • Added a bestiary entry for Deinotherium
  • Added a bestiary entry for Attercopus
  • Added a bestiary entry for Smilodon
  • Added a bestiary entry for Veloraptor

Changes[ | ]

Entities[ | ]

Entity Notes
Smilodon Renamed/converted from Sabretooth, reworked its stats and enabled its spawning
Opteryx Changed its AI and stats, enabled its spawning

Other[ | ]

  • Adjusted Horndron & Deinotherium's head size when in baby form
  • Changed Horndron's bestiary entry
  • Cleaned up some residual/unused assets/stuff
  • Changed Deinotherium's sounds

Removals[ | ]

  • Removed Furlion Chop & its uncooked variant
  • Removed Chimera Chop & its uncooked variant

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed Precasia's realmstone insert not being present in the Blank Realmstone GUI
  • Fixed melee mobs not being able to walk
  • Fixed Precasian Tar Pits generating weirdly
  • Fixed Horndron and Deinotherium not having loot tables
  • Fixed Shiny Squid not glowing
  • Fixed non-developed realmstones crashing the game when used
  • Fixed aoa food items not being tagged as food
  • Fixed the Ashfern cooking recipe not working unless the ashfern is in the first slot
  • Fixed Ashfern cooking duplicating cooked food
  • Fixed AoA Animals getting a bit stuck after panicking
  • Fixed Ashfern not being placable on Basalt
  • Fixed Precasian Iron Ore requiring an Iron Pickaxe to mine
  • Fixed Precasian Copper & Lapis ore not having smelting recipes
  • Fixed Hellfire not doing anything
  • Fixed Smash/Elite Smash's slam attack not showing particles properly
  • Fixed Extraction crafting auto-enchant applying to infusion
  • Fixed some model clipping in Dark Hatchetfish & Sasquatch

References[ | ]