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Release date 3 September 2023[1]
Download Download
Previous version 1.20.1-3.6.29
Next version 1.20.1-3.6.31

1.20.1-3.6.30 is the fourth release for 1.20.1.

Additions[ | ]

Entities[ | ]

Entity Notes
Deinotherium Reworked its AI, loot table, and spawning
Meganeuropsis Reworked its AI and spawning

Items[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

Entities[ | ]

Entity Notes
Horndron Is now breedable - has a baby form
Chomper Prevented it from spawning in jungles
  • Fixed the night aggro modifier increasing the aggro range of mobs rather than decreasing it
  • Increased the spawn weightings of Cyclops, Sasquatch, Yeti, Tree Spirit, Bomb Carrier, Goblin, Charger, and the giants

Blocks[ | ]

  • Moved Precasian Stone over to a stone-type block instead of a cobblestone-type block
  • Merged the four bone fragments ores blocks into Bone Fragments Ore

Items[ | ]

  • Changed the tooltip text for Blank Realmstone
  • Changed the obtaining method for Precasian Realmstone, added a tooltip to it

Recipes[ | ]

  • Changed the recipe for Nowhere Realmstone

Textures/Models[ | ]

  • Retextured Stranglewood Leaves
  • Retextured Lucalus Leaves
  • Remodelled Deinotherium
  • Retextured Stranglewood Sapling
  • Retextured Stranglewood Log and its variants
  • Retextured Stranglewood planks

Other[ | ]

  • Re-enabled and tweaked the Hauling fish table for Precasia
  • Changed the title text of the Blank Realmstone GUI
  • Changed the Overworld hover text in the Blank Realmstone GUI
  • Adjusted Cleric's trades
  • Changed Staves, Blasters, and Vulcanes to have their sound follow the firing player
  • Disabled portal activation of undeveloped dimensions with a message

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed Precasian mobs not dropping from their world table
  • Fixed Everfight and Evermight staves not casting when at full health
  • Fixed Infernal, Skeletal, Weaken, and Wither bows not spriting properly
  • Fixed Stranglewood Tree not growing from saplings
  • Fixed Cooked Giant Lizard Meat having a missing tooltip
  • Fixed Spinoledon Suffocating itself in ceilings
  • Fixed AoA multipart entities not being middle-clickable outside of their main hitbox
  • Fixed AoA animals spawning using mob rules
  • Added a spawn placement for Sniffer since Mojang didn't
  • Fixed AoA's fluid buckets not being tinted
  • Fixed x-offset AoA part-entities not rotating correctly
  • Fixed the roaming trader spawner not working

References[ | ]