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This wiki is currently being updated to 1.18.2+ versions of the mod. If you are struggling to find information regarding 1.16.5 AoA, or are curious as to why 1.18.2+ versions are being released incomplete, please check out this page.


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Release date 14 April 2023[1]
Previous version 1.19.4-3.6.23
Next version 1.19.4-3.6.25

1.19.4-3.6.24 is the 2nd release of the mod for 1.19.4.

Additions[ | ]

Tags[ | ]

Tag Notes
aoa3:no_spirit_regen DamageType tag for damage types that should not regenerate Spirit

Defaults to: minecraft:explosion, minecraft:player_explosion, minecraft:magic, minecraft:indirect_magic, aoa3:magic_projectile, aoa3:energy_projectile, aoa3:magic_attack, aoa3:energy_attack, aoa3:vulcane

forge:reduced_flinch DamageType tag for damage types that should cause the player's screen to flinch significantly less.

Defaults to: aoa3:bleed, aoa3:mob_flamethrower

Entities[ | ]

Other[ | ]

  • Added a Bestiary entry for Nethengeic Wither
  • Added a Bestiary entry for Elite Nethengeic Wither

Changes[ | ]

Entities[ | ]

Entity Notes
Undead Herald Now uses Skeleton sounds
Goblin Increased damage to 4
Embrake Changed its ranged attack base damage back to 2
  • Changed its ranged attack to use the aoa3:mob_flamethrower DamageType instead of aoa3:burn
  • Changed its damage recoil to use aoa3:mob_fire_recoil instead of aoa3:burn
  • No longer spawns in Crimson Forests
Ice Giant Added a ranged damage attribute, with a value of 1. Its ice attack now uses this for damage, using aoa3:mob_icebeam DamageType
Infernal No longer spawns in Crimson Forests
Nethengeic Wither
  • Now uses the AoA explosion system instead of vanilla
  • Now can target additional non-player entities

Items[ | ]

Item Notes
Guns Included the shell damage modifier in any gun special effect that previously allowed modifiers
Troll Idol Changed its tooltip description slightly
  • Fixed the Power enchant not working
  • Prevented Slingshot from being enchanted with punch or fire at an Enchanting Table

DamageTypes[ | ]

DamageType Notes
  • No longer ignores armour or invulnerability frames
  • Now uses a burning hurt sound
aoa3:bleed No longer scales damage with difficulty or ignores invulnerability frames
aoa3:acid No longer scales damage with difficulty
aoa3:suffocation No longer scales damage with difficulty
aoa3:mob_icebeam Changed aoa3:mob_freeze_ranged_attack to this, with different attributes and messages

Sounds[ | ]

Reference Notes
Nethengeic Beast Added a death sound
Nethengeic Wither
  • Added a death sound
  • Changed its music
Elite Nethengeic Wither
  • Added a death sound
  • Changed its music
Smash Changed its music
Elite Smash Changed its music

Other[ | ]

  • Changed the Nowhere boss arena check, forcing players out of an occupied arena if they're no longer using it but still remain inside it
  • Boss music will now loop if fighting an AoA boss in a Nowhere boss arena

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed several sources of potion effects unintentionally applying infinite-duration effects
  • Fixed Wood Giant's bleed screen effect not having colour
  • Fixed Hauling Rods not spawning their bobbers
  • Made Wood Giant's splinter particles slightly more noticeable
  • Fixed AoA mobs not properly setting invulnerability
  • Fixed thrown weapons hitting targets twice
  • Fixed vanilla's minecraft:no_impact DamageType tag not working
  • Fixed Nethengeic Wither & its Elite counterpart not being tagged as bosses
  • Fixed a crash when firing some projectiles out of dispensers
  • Fixed none of the interactable blocks working in Nowhere in survival

References[ | ]