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Release date 2 December 2022[1]
Previous version 1.19.2-3.6.17
Next version 1.19.3-3.6.19

1.19.2-3.6.18 is the 6th update released for 1.19.2.

Changes[ | ]

Blocks[ | ]

  • The generation of ores in the Nether was changed.

Items[ | ]

Tools[ | ]

Shovels[ | ]
Shovel Changes
Emberstone Shovel Everything dropped by the block mined by the Emberstone Shovel is now capable of being smelted.

Weapons[ | ]

  • Weapons using the new explosion system now have a tooltip mentioning explosion damage.
Thrown Weapons[ | ]
Thrown Weapon Changes
Grenade The damage was changed.
Cannons[ | ]
Thrown Weapon Changes
RPG The damage was changed.

Entities[ | ]

Entity Changes
Bomb Carrier Received some changes.
Can spawn naturally again.
Has new sounds.
The bestiary entry was changed.
The drops were changed.
Flamewalker Now spawns less commonly.
Will now take damage from water.
Goblin Has new sounds.
Little Bam Now drops Hellfires.
  • The following mobs have been removed:
    • Fake TNT

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed Smash & Elite Smash not using their idle animations. (Github issue #3493)[2]
  • Fixed AoA brain-based mobs not idling. (Github issue #3492)[2]
  • Fixed Flamewalkers and Little Bams not pathing properly when in lava. They still move slowly. (Github issue #3481)[2]
  • Fixed Undead Troll and Goblin gliding when attacking. (Github issue #3491)[2]
  • Fixed Chompers not being able to swim downwards. (Github issue #3480)[2]
  • Fixed Stone Giant not being very accurate with his throws.[2]
  • Fixed an incompatibility with the newer versions of GeckoLib.[2]
  • Fixed the damage calculation of the new explosion system. (Github issue #3483)[2]

References[ | ]