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This wiki is currently being updated to 1.18.2+ versions of the mod. If you are struggling to find information regarding 1.16.5 AoA, or are curious as to why 1.18.2+ versions are being released incomplete, please check out this page.


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Release date 4 August 2022[1]
Previous version 1.19.1-3.6.11
Next version 1.19.2-3.6.13

1.19.1-3.6.12 is the second release of the mod for 1.19.1.

Changes[ | ]

Blocks[ | ]

Block Changes
Boss Altar Can now be interacted with using certain blocks.

Items[ | ]

Item Changes
Torn Page Renamed to Torn Pages.

Weapons[ | ]

Greatblades[ | ]
Item Changes
Goofy Greatblade The way damage is calculated was changed.

Structures[ | ]

Structure Changes
Ruined Teleporter Frame The chances of a carved rune generating inside this structure have been increased.

Third-Party Mod Integration[ | ]

Third-Party Mod Integration Changes
Patchouli The mod's Patchouli books are now editable via resource pack.

Other[ | ]

  • Torn Pages for Lesson, The Portal, and Discovery have been added to various vanilla loot chests.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed Carved Rune of Power not behaving naturally when interacted with. (Github issue #3342)[2]
  • Did more fixes for mobs not spawning.[2]
  • Fixed Gemtrap crashing the game when hit. (Github issue #3338)[2]
  • Fixed Leafy Giant's shield going invisible through restarts. (Github issue #3326)[2]
  • Did more fixes for Lunar & Millennium Greatblades not calculating damage properly. (Github issue #3335)[2]
  • Fixed Trickster not having animations or half it's hat.[2]
  • Fixed some random crashes that rarely occur at startup. (Github issue #3341)[2]

References[ | ]