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Release date 24 June 2022[1]
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Previous version 1.19-3.6.6
Next version 1.19-3.6.8

1.19-3.6.7 is the third version released for 1.19.



  • The Nowhere dimension has been readded.

Third-Party Mod Integration[]



Item Changes
Green Manure Seeds Can now be used in a composter.


Pickaxe Changes
Ornamyte Pickaxe The tooltip was updated to reflect the tool's new ability.


Entity Changes
Bush Baby Movement speed was changed from 0.329 to 0.34.
Melee damage on Normal difficulty was changed from 2 (♥×1) to 4 (♥×2).
Bush Babies that are spawned by the Leafy Giant now no longer take reduced fall damage.
Ice Giant Now inflicts anybody that attacks it with the same Freezing effect as standing in Powdered Snow.
Wood Giant Now drops charcoal instead of its wooden blocks if killed while on fire.
No longer drops Stripped Acacia Logs.
Wood Giants will now lose their bark and inflict Bleeding 100% of the time when they are attacked.
The time it takes for a Wood Giant to regrow its bark and heal itself has been increased to 30 seconds, or 35 seconds if hit with a tool that is the correct tool for breaking Oak Logs.
When a Wood Giant loses some of its bark, it now releases particles.

Status effects[]

Status effect Changes
Bleeding If one has the maximum possible level of Bleeding, getting inflicted with Bleeding again will no longer cause the Bleeding level to reset to Bleeding I.
The amount of damage by Bleeding over time has been decreased.


  • Advent of Ascension now requires the Geckolib mob to be installed separately in order to function.
  • The minimum Forge version needed to play the mod was changed to 41.0.45.
  • Loot that the mod adds to vanilla Minecraft Overworld chests can now generate in the chests of Ancient Cities.


  • Fixed Stone Giant and Leafy Giant not spawning.[2]
  • Fixed an unhandled locale entry issue with bleeding. (Github issue #3273)[2]
  • Fixed a crash from toast rendering. (Github issue #3272)[2]