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This wiki is maintained for the current latest version of AoA. If you are playing on an older version of the mod, you may find some of the information for your version missing or incorrect. Use the page history feature to view older versions of pages instead.

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Advent of Ascension Wiki
Release date 14 May 2022[1]
Previous version 1.18.2-3.6.3
Next version 1.18.2-3.6.4

1.18.2- is a minor version.

Changes[ | ]

Resource Systems[ | ]

Resource Systems Changes
Spirit Damage caused by Blasters can no longer lead to Spirit regenerating.
The amount of Spirit regenerated when doing damage overall was decreased.

Entities[ | ]

Entity Changes
Case Construct Has a new model.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue causing AoA to think every item had a skill requirement in the tooltip.[2]

References[ | ]