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This wiki is maintained for the current latest version of AoA. If you are playing on an older version of the mod, you may find some of the information for your version missing or incorrect. Use the page history feature to view older versions of pages instead.

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Advent of Ascension Wiki
Release date 14 May 2022[1]
Previous version 1.18.2-3.6.2
Next version 1.18.2-

1.18.2-3.6.3 is a minor version.

Additions[ | ]

Items[ | ]

  • Ruined Teleporter Frame Map
    • Variant of vanilla Minecraft explorer map that is used to find Ruined Teleporter Frames.
    • Can be bought from a Cartographer Villager.

Changes[ | ]

Skills[ | ]

Skills Changes
Dexterity There were some changes to the Double Jump ability:
  • Can no longer Double Jump while wearing an Elytra.
  • Can now Double Jump in creative mode.
Innervation Xp gain from killing mobs was changed:
  • the amount of xp given based on a mob's max health or the amount of damage done by the player was increased.
  • the amount of xp given based on a mob's armor toughness was changed.
  • the amount of xp given by mobs that were spawned by a spawner was decreased.
  • mobs that cannot move between dimensions now give more xp.

Resource Systems[ | ]

Resource Systems Changes
Energy The cooldown for Energy (when the number turns red) now has a maximum value of 60. Attempting to use an ability when energy cooldown is 60 will not make the cooldown increase anymore.
Spirit Spirit is now regenerated upon hitting mobs.
Spirit natural regeneration now changes depending on how much health the player has

Blocks[ | ]

Block Changes
Nether Portal (added by the mod) Is now functional.

Items[ | ]

Weapons[ | ]

Shotguns[ | ]
Shotgun Changes
Purity Shotgun Damage changed to 14 (♥×7).
Blasters[ | ]
  • The unholster time for all blasters was changed to .83 seconds.

Entities[ | ]

Entity Changes
Amphibior No longer drops any items from the forge:rawfish tag. Raw Cod and Raw Salmon are still dropped.
Corrupted Traveller If killed, will now respawn eventually at the Ruined Teleporter Frame.
Leafy Giant No longer drops any items from the minecraft:leaves tag.
Mermage No longer drops any items from forge:rawfish tag.
Store Keeper Has a new model.
Vine Wizard No longer drops any items from the minecraft:small_flowers tag.

Structures[ | ]

Entity Changes
Ruined Teleporter Frame Now generates naturally.
The y-level it generates at has been changed to be between y = 0 and 10 blocks above from the world's bottom (y = -54 in the Overworld).

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed various lightning-based items creating fire. (Github issue #3152)[2]
  • Fixed Leaves and Glass not acting like they should. (Github issue #3175)[2]
  • Fixed Banners being flipped in the gui. (Github issue #3177)[2]
  • Fixed AoA's plank blocks not being flammable. (Github issue #3176)[2]
  • Fixed Fishing Cages causing you to duck when thrown. (Github issue #3116)[2]
  • Fixed up Skill Master's interaction animation.[2]
  • Fixed up Cave Creep's animations.[2]
  • Fixed Bonus Smelt Result syncing across all instances in a skill. (Github issue #3167)[2]
  • Fixed Innervation XP not being granted for mob kills. (Github issue #3182)[2]
  • Fixed some miscellaneous crashes caused by the XP Particles renderer.[2]

References[ | ]