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This wiki is maintained for the current latest version of AoA. If you are playing on an older version of the mod, you may find some of the information for your version missing or incorrect. Use the page history feature to view older versions of pages instead.

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Advent of Ascension Wiki
1.18.2-3.6-Public Alpha 2
Release date 6 April 2023
Previous version 1.18.2-3.6-Public Alpha
Next version 1.18.2-3.6-Public Alpha 3

1.18.2-3.6-Public Alpha 2 was an alpha build of the mod.

Changes[ | ]

Items[ | ]

  • Removed an outdated tooltip line on blasters
  • Fixed Gold Bringer's projectiles having tiny particles

Entities[ | ]

  • Fixed Violet Skipper & Turquoise Stripefish not dropping cooked food when killed by fire
  • Fixed Case Construct not consuming the Deep Crystal when used on it for Crystevia Realmstone's task
  • Fixed Embrake not following the mob griefing gamerule when placing fire
  • Fixed Embrake deleting blocks with its fire ability

Textures[ | ]

  • Fixed up an issue with the Stone Giant texture/model
  • Changed the texture for Amplifier
  • Changed the texture for Blast Barrel
  • Changed the texture for Gimmick
  • Changed the texture for Ginger Blaster
  • Changed the texture for Vivo

Other[ | ]

  • Added the ability to remove skills via datapack by providing an empty json file for the skill

Bug fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a crash occuring on dedicated servers when using the Rosidian Sword
  • Fixed Vox Ponds Realmstone's task not working for Creep Bankers
  • Fixed skill requirement datapack files being able to set level requirements outside the valid level range