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This wiki is maintained for the current latest version of AoA. If you are playing on an older version of the mod, you may find some of the information for your version missing or incorrect. Use the page history feature to view older versions of pages instead.

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Release date 11 September 2022[1]
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Previous version 1.16.5-3.6.6
Next version 1.16.5-3.6.8

1.16.5-3.6.7 is a small update.

Changes[ | ]

Items[ | ]

Weapons[ | ]

Swords[ | ]
Sword Changes
Creepified Sword Removed a tooltip.
Guns[ | ]
Gun Changes
Flower's Fury Removed a tooltip.
Snipers[ | ]
Sniper Changes
Rosid Rifle Removed a tooltip.
Staves[ | ]

Armor[ | ]

Armor Changes
Rosidian Armor Removed a tooltip.
Spaceking Armor Removed a tooltip.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed traders not restocking reliably.[2]
  • Fixed Divine Stations duplicating upgrade kits.[2]
  • Fixed the High in Calcium trait giving White Dye instead of Bone Meal. (Github issue #3281)[2]
  • Fixed the patchouli tooltip in Advent Gui causing other tabs to go dark if in transparent mode. (Github issue #3234)[2]
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by thrown boss items. (Github issue #3296)[2]
  • Fixed Crafting Auto-Enchant ability not working with FastWorkbench installed.[2]

References[ | ]