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Дата выпуска 17 января 2020[1]
Загрузка Скачать
Предыдущая версия 3.1
Следующая версия 3.2.1

3.2, также известное как Loot Update, это масштабное обновление, выпущенное 17 января 2020 года.[1] Основным изменением обновления было то, как лут обрабатывается мобами.

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Блоки[править | править код]

Frame Bench
  • Has a GUI.
  • The player can place scrap metal inside and click one of the corresponding buttons to create frames.
Living Growth
  • This is a block that is used as a part of Vinocorne's boss animation.
    • When the player uses Petals on the Vinocorne Shrine, a crop-like block spawns in on top of the shrine. The crops then grow until it resembles Vinocorne. After this, the block disappears and Vinocorne spawns in.
      • The block can be destroyed prematurely to stop the boss from spawning.
Trilliad Bloom
  • Generates naturally in the Shyrelands.

Items[править | править код]

Alien Orb
  • Not present in the creative inventory or JEI.
  • Obtained from the rare table.
    • Has the rarest drop rate of any item in the game.
  • When used on a Zal Citizen, causes a chat message to display.
Blank Realmstone
  • Obtained by opening a Worn Book.
  • Can turn it into any realmstone by doing certain tasks for the gods.
    • Completing a task turns the Blank Realmstone into the corresponding Realmstone.
      • Once completed, the Realmstone cannot be reverted to a Blank Realmstone. Another Blank Realmstone must be obtained.
  • Using the Blank Realmstone opens up a GUI.
Blank Realmstone GUI.
    • The GUI shows the task required for each dimension and dimension progression tree.
  • List of dimension tasks (so far):
    • The Nether: Throw out a Blank Realmstone while submerged in lava.
    • The Abyss: Defeat the Wither while in the Nether.
    • Ancient Cavern: Kill 5 different Crystal Constructs in 30 seconds.
    • Barathos: Defeat a Husk with a Blank Realmstone.
    • Candyland: eat a Heart Fruit while in the Precasia dimension.
    • Celeve: defeat a clown with a lelyetian greatblade.
    • Creeponia: Defeat a Host with an explosion.
    • Crystevia: Use a Deep Crystal on a Case Construct.
    • The Deeplands: Mine an ore at bedrock level.
    • Dustopia: Spawn Shadowlord while the player is inflicted with Night Vision.
    • Gardencia: Throw a Blank Realmstone into a Carrot Crop in Precasia, then defeat your creation.
    • Greckon: Use nightmare flakes on Elusive.
    • The Haven: defeat a Flye with a melee attack while in the Lelyetian trees.
    • Immortallis: get hit by a Construct of Strength inflicted with Strength II.
    • Iromine: Use a Blank Realmstone on the Mineralization Station.
    • L'Borean: Let a Gardencian creature soak In Candied Water, then kill it.
    • Lelyetia: Survive a fall of 26 blocks or more.
    • Lunalus: jump over the void in the Haven with a gravitator.
    • Mysterium: Inflict a Creepird with Poison.
    • Precasia: Combine a Blank Realmstone with one of each overworld sapling.
    • Runandor: Take a Vox Light to Mysterium and place a Blank Realmstone And Runic Energy on top of it, then activate it with an Active Rune Stone.
    • The Shyrelands: Combine a Blank realmstone, Magic Mending Solution, Sunfire Orb, Haunted Flower, Darkly Powder and Ghoulasm together.
    • Vox Ponds: show a trader in Creeponia a blank realmstone while wearing a hazmat suit.
  • Using a Blank Realmstone on an Ancient Teleporter removes the current portal.
Exp Flask
  • When place in the hotbar, will cause any vanilla experience to be stored in the item instead of going into the player's vanilla experience bar.
  • The item can then be "consumed" (like food) to add the experience to the player's experience bar when needed.
  • The Exp Flask overrides the Mending enchantment when its in the hotbar.
Lotto Totem
  • Sold by all Lottomen.
  • Can be placed in the world if there is enough spaced.
  • When placed, spawns a series of 5 entities.
  • The player can win a prize by selecting the correct entity, otherwise get nothing if they chose wrong.
Nether Realmstone
  • Creates a portal to The Nether when used on an Ancient Teleporter.
    • Does not replace the vanilla Nether portal.
Raw Fish
Other new items

New Weapons[править | править код]

Electron Maul
Primal Sword
Warlock Staff

Entities[править | править код]

  • Functions similarly to the Heartstone item.
  • The Heartstone item has been removed.
Anima Stone
  • Functions similarly to the Anima Stone item.
  • The Anima Stone item has been removed.
Tablet entity
  • All tablets have an entity associated with them when placed in the world.
Undead Herald
  • Spawns naturally in lots of dimensions.
  • Sells banners.
  • Has the Soul Agent texture.
Dead Tree
  • Looks like a tree with no leaves.
  • Spawns in forests.
  • Functions similarly to Hiding Fungi
    • Spawns a Tree Spirit when killed.
      • Damage dealt to the Dead Tree carries over to Tree Spirit.
Primitive Carrotop
  • A passive creeper that spawns from the Creepified Sword, instead of a hostile one.

Advancements[править | править код]

Added 5 new advancements:

  • Charger Safari
    • Obtained by defeating one of every Charger variant.
  • Framed!
    • Obtained by creating a frame at the Frame Bench.
  • Going to Hell For This..
  • Mightiest Tree in the Forest
    • Obtained by doing enough damage to a Dead Tree so that the Tree Spirit that spawns afterwards is defeated instantly.

Structures[править | править код]

Eye Bulb Grotto
  • Generates naturally in the Abyss.
  • Consists of a small cave with some Eye Bulb Plants inside.
  • Trilliad Blooms now generate naturally in the Shyrelands.

GUI[править | править код]

  • Added a new theme to the Advent GUI.
  • Added an icon in individual mob bestiary entries to indicate how to close the entry.
  • Added mob attributes to the mob bestiary entries.
  • Added a popup that appears on screen when the player tries to do something whenever they don't have a high enough level in a skill, or don't have enough resources.
    • Can be changed to chat messages in the mod's config file.

Gamerules[править | править код]

  • Set to false by default.
  • When set to true, it allows any explosive weaponry to destroy blocks.
    • It also allows bullet projectiles to destroy more fragile blocks like glass, leaves, and foliage.
  • Set to false by default(?).
  • When set to true, mobs from the mod can destroy blocks.
    • More minor effects like the Giant Snail's acid are affected by the vanilla mobGriefing gamerule instead.

Configuration[править | править код]

Always Chargers
  • Makes almost every mob added by the mod take the appearance of a Charger.
    • The only thing that changes is the model, everything else about the mob stays the same.
  • If set to true, allows mobs to travel between dimensions using the mod's portals.
  • If set to true, allows enchantments higher than the max enchantment level of an enchantment to be obtained at an Infusion Table.
    • For example, Fortune V.
  • If set to true, enables various mob animations.
  • TBP
  • TBP
Hardcore Mode
  • Causes the player's highest skill level to decrease by 1 level upon death.
Party Deaths
  • Causes the player and mobs to spawn confetti upon death.
Event configuration
  • The ability to configure the rate at which events occurs has been added.

Commands[править | править код]

  • When used in-game, this command will generate a clickable link in the chat that will take the player to their specified wiki page.
  • Usage: /aoawiki <Page>. Replace <Page> with the name of the page you want to search.

Tinker's Construct Compatibility[править | править код]

  • When Tinker's Construct is installed, all metals added by the mod will have molten fluid versions. These can be obtained by smelting them in a Tinker's Construct smeltery, as usual. The liquids can also be casted into ingots and blocks.
  • All metal blocks added by the mod can be used to create Tool Forges/Stations.
  • Tool parts for the metals do not exist yet.

Примечания[править | править код]