Advent of Ascension Wiki
Жизни 20 (Heart×10)
Биом Обычный мир
Враждебность Пассивный
Версия 1.0
Эта страница об обычном лоттомэне. О лоттомэне из других измерений, смотрите Неигровые персонажи#Лоттомэны.

Лоттомэн (англ. Lottoman) — это НИП, который случайным образом спаунится в Обычном мире. Он бесцельно бродит время от времени.

Лоттомэна можно заспаунить, используя соответствующее яйцо призыва. Кроме того, его можно призвать с помощью команды /summon aoa3:lottoman.

Торговля[ | ]

Silver Coin 3 Silver Coins = Gem Bag 1 Gem Bag

Silver Coin 30 Silver Coins = Gem Bag 13 Gem Bags

Gold Coin 5 Gold Coins = Magic Repair Dust 1 Magic Repair Dust

Gold Coin 50 Gold Coins = Magic Repair Dust 15 Magic Repair Dust

Orbulon 15 Orbulons = Magic Repair Dust 2 Magic Repair Dust

Gold Coin 7 Gold Coins = Shiny Box 1 Shiny Box

Bestiary Entry[ | ]

A strange wandering trader found roaming the overworld. Curiously, he seems entirely uninterested in talking, lending a hand, or combat. Instead, he focuses exclusively on peddling his wares to passers by.

The overworld lottoman was the first of a large group of 'lottomen' that suddenly appeared across all known dimensions. Not much is known about them or where they came from, and due to their lack of open discussion, not much more info is being discovered. They appear to be human, or at the very least; humanoid. However the members of the group that appear in other dimensions attempt to try to blend in with their environment by unknown means.

Their short, blunt responses and thick mysterious circumstances lend a sinister vibe to their appearance, but so far nothing has come of their existence except for an increase in gambling.